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  • CalgaryResident CalgaryResident Apr 25, 2012 00:46 Flag

    Champions League

    So if Chelsea win the CL and Spurs win their remaining games, looks like we will still be in the Europa league.

    All ifs and buts but would suck all the same.

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    • CalgaryResident
      It dosn't work that way mate after the liverpool fiasco last time if you win the champs league you do not have an automatic right to be in the competition again the following year unless you qualify for it through the league.

      So chelsea could win it and not be able to defend there trophy next year.

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      • Are you sure Berkshire? That's not what I've heard...we need 3rd to be in if Chelsea win the CL.

        Some opinions (and facts)

        Premier League says:
        The top four teams in the Barclays Premier League qualify for the UEFA Champions League.

        English winners of the UEFA Champions League finishing outside the top four places (but who qualify for the UEFA Europa League through their domestic Barclays Premier League position) go forward as Winners to the group stage along with domestic champions, runners-up and third place.

        No extra domestic place can be gained by winning the UEFA Champions League, therefore the team finishing fourth drops to the UEFA Europa League.

        English winners of the UEFA Champions League who do not qualify through their domestic position go forward as Winners to the group stage, with the team finishing fourth dropping to the UEFA Europa League. In this case, the national association of the title-holder is entitled to one additional place in the UEFA Europa League.

        Redknapp and Pardew aren't too keen on Chelsea winnning either (check the Dail Mail on that one), also Alan Shearer in the NUFCBlog.com

        Nope, we gave up the CL when we went into the slide that we still find ourselves in. not happenng this year (unless...)

      • Unfortunately Berkshire, UEFA changed the rules after the Liverpool fiasco. If Chelsea don't finish 4th but win the CL they'll be guaranteed CL footie next year - the 4th placed team will drop down in to the Ropey league :-(

        If we come 4th we have to hope that they don't win the CL - it'll be a long week after our the Fulham game on 13 May.

        Altogether now "Go Bayern Munich!"

    • The run-in's the period where players need to show their real character and passion. That's where the likes of Roy Keane was worth his weight in gold. His verbal bullets ensured that there was no hiding place for prima donnas.

    • We're havin' a laugh.

      Sadly I can see us dropping to 5-6th, if we perform as we did against QPR that's where we belong, IMO we simply weren't good enough and didn't want it enough in that game. What I find so frustrating is that we have top 4 quality in us, I believe that wholeheartedly, it seems that Harry and the players just can't find at the moment. Makes you wonder what on earth is going on?

      COYS- 4 games left, 12 points on the table, we CAN still do this! We Must remember, this isn't over yet!