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  • Jlock Jlock Apr 25, 2012 09:25 Flag

    Terry and court case

    How much more damage has Terry unwittingly done to himself with his 'performance' last night?

    Given that, from what I read, after the alleged racial abuse claim he originally said something like '....I was just saying that I didn't say '...you ******** ***** ****.....'....'.
    Last night his immediate reaction was again denial, at first baulking at the ref with a 'Why? What for?' and then claiming that he'd been blocked off and inadvertently run into the Barca player's back.

    Maybe Terry just doesn't own a TV. Maybe he's totally unaware that virtually every blade of grass is covered by at least 4 million cameras.

    Even Lampard came out and apparently said the TV footage made it look worse than it was. What?

    Maybe when Terry eventually gets to court someone may just point out that he appears to have a track record of not exactly being honest.


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    • I agree John,

      JT was a great defender but from what we see and read he comes a cross as an unpleasant, dishonest, fool, I find his arrogance disdainful.

      His reaction on the pitch would make anyone believe he was innocent, yet the footage and Terry's reaction and admission once he'd seen the footage make him look a bigger fool.

      I wonder what his reaction/excuse will be once he is made to watch the racially abusive footage in his up coming court case?

      Some Chav fans would have us believe there is a media witch hunt for him, if there is, he has done nothing but exacerbate the situation.

      It will be interesting to see what measures (no hand shakes?) will be taken for the Chav v QPR game?

      Well done to the rest of the Chav squad, what a shame your captain let you down, mind you, you must be getting used to that now.

      Cue the abuse from blinkered Chav fans!