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    Vedran Corluka.........

    ........believes that the players are knackered because of our 'Arrys refusal to rotate his squad.

    Corluka said that the team are now threadbare as a result of over-reliance on the same 11 - 13 core of players.

    He fears Spurs could finish sixth in the league despite the early season talks of title challenge.

    Thing is, is Corluka sticking the knife into 'Arry because he was considered as surplus to requirements in the January transfer window or telling the truth that over-reliance on a small group of players including the injury-prone such as Saha cost Spurs dearly?

    With so many negativities surrounding Spurs recently, I know the timing of Corluka's swipe at HR couldn't have come at a worse time for the club.

    Trouble is, has Corluka got a point about lack of rotation though?

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    • Don't know what Bob Paisley or Don Revie would think of all this tiredness shyte. Maybe they should unstress them a bit by giving them full time chauffeurs to drive them around in their 70 grand 4 wheel drives. Tired my arse--when they've got to step up to the mark for the big ones, that's when the so called fatigue kicks in.
      H---w@nkers physiotherapist.

    • People (the press) are looking for answers (a story), so they'll shove their microphones under the mouth of all and sundry; I doubt that Charlie went out of his way to give this opinion, so, no, not a swipe. As much as I've dogged this guy for being slow, he could have given Walker a rest in a couple of games.

      So, yes, valid...very valid point. Why doesn't Harry have more faith in the rest of the squad. We've got young players who can play supporting roles...but we lend them out (sorry, loan) instead and those he keeps back he doesn't play unless absolutely necessary. Caulker should be getting games; naughton (who was the prime target when we raided for him, Walker was the 'ere 'ave 'im an all while you're at it; not very astute of the seller as it turned out) but there's no denying that Naughton, save some personality issues couldn't be where Walker is today or at least an able deputy. He did see fit to keep and blood, Livermore, so maybe there's hope for him yet 9nto this season though).

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      • I agree with the vast majority of that Rambr0,

        Weather Charlie said that or weather the press fabricated it, I think its a valid point. I think Caulker and Naughton have benefited hugely from their regular appearences at Swansea and Norwich, but I just don't understand why 'Arry/Levy wouldn't put a recall clause in their agreements. With the defenders we have and how injury prone they have been in recent years, I think Arry/Levy left us vulnerable at the back.

        I also think Harry made errors with his lack of rotation throughout the first half of the season.

        I still rate Harry highly and would be happy if he stayed with us (although I doubt he will) hopefully he can learn from his mistakes, or at least the mistakes some of us think he's made.

        COYS- you wonderful lilly whites