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  • JEFFALL JEFFALL May 1, 2012 18:48 Flag


    Happy days again at last.
    Pretty much agree with most of whats been said with reference yo the game, though personally thought Rose was poor,especially his delivery.
    Seemed like he didn't have the confidence to shoot or cross,although this could be due to a lack of playing time,but one that BAE would have enjoyed.
    As has already been said ther were some good performances,Sandro,Walker,Lennon etc and was nice to see UNIT Kaboul back in action,almost starting to have the L.KING pressence.
    Overall a decent performance and had it not been down to some sh1t shooting we could have had a hatfull.
    On another note,just wondered how we would have dealt with either of the Maanchester sides last night which seemed very PHYSICAL which can sometimes win games,though is something we don't have in our locker?
    Finally we go into our last 3 games with a good win under our belt and with Hodgeson taking the England job should give our boys something to play for(STAYING AT SPURS AND PLAYING CL FOOTBALL NEXT SEASON)
    Staying focused,finngers crossed,bum cheeks tightly squessed and every other thing you can think of.