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    What did you all make of that?
    Did the players look as though they needed rotating, or was it just Blackburn's lack of ambition that made us look good?
    IMHO, the players looked no different to what I've seen before, although Sandro looked back to the form of a season ago. Bale drifted still and had more shots than anyone else and the strikers just lacked (although I thought Ade played well again) that 'edge'.
    Was it a good performance and a good result or a good result, but an average performance?

    I think we played well and got the result we deserved. Three more like that would be a good end to the season - and especially if the strikers can get on the score sheet and also finish on a high.

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    • Naughton i thought was RB?

      john, i think adam johnson & damiao would be good signings too. althought i dont think we could afford johnsons wages.
      he has been under used at city. damiao looks a good strong player & a realistic signing.

      i also have to agree with joe on a lot of things.
      harrys had made quite a few mistakes- the unbalance he creates when lennon is out is crazy.
      he sometimes is too reluctant to make subs. as mentioned before, vdv is knackered after an hour so shouldnt be playing 88mins.

      also i dont think we have been playing well and losing/drawing bar a few games. everton we derserved a draw thou.
      stoke away we would have won with a decent ref & linesman.

      also i disagree about all these good chances we have been creating?! we have made chances, but not good 1s.
      watch the qpr game, its all long shots are barely half chances.
      in other games too where we have dropped pts, we havent been creating good chances and missing them.
      its been long shots or barely half chances.

      joe u are very optimistic with your 3-0 prediction! i fancy a 2-2.

    • Know what you mean about the physical thing. Have you noticed a new, worrying trend now, that when a side is being given the runaround, players making runs OFF the ball are being baulked, tugged and almost throttled. It was evident last night in the manky game, and very much so in our game against Blackburn. I hope this is jumped on quickly, because I've never seen it on this scale before, and if anything can destroy a fooballing side it would be this.

      Happy days again at last.
      Pretty much agree with most of whats been said with reference yo the game, though personally thought Rose was poor,especially his delivery.
      Seemed like he didn't have the confidence to shoot or cross,although this could be due to a lack of playing time,but one that BAE would have enjoyed.
      As has already been said ther were some good performances,Sandro,Walker,Lennon etc and was nice to see UNIT Kaboul back in action,almost starting to have the L.KING pressence.
      Overall a decent performance and had it not been down to some sh1t shooting we could have had a hatfull.
      On another note,just wondered how we would have dealt with either of the Maanchester sides last night which seemed very PHYSICAL which can sometimes win games,though is something we don't have in our locker?
      Finally we go into our last 3 games with a good win under our belt and with Hodgeson taking the England job should give our boys something to play for(STAYING AT SPURS AND PLAYING CL FOOTBALL NEXT SEASON)
      Staying focused,finngers crossed,bum cheeks tightly squessed and every other thing you can think of.

    • ...PS...oh and Adam Johnson in the summer to support/rotate with Lemmon....
      ...and Damiao....

      AND Dawes back with Kaboul to see if they can work a decent CB partnership.

    • Joe,
      Agreeing and disagreeing is what it's all about.

      I don't think wages are relevant either really - the point I was making badly is that ALL the squad players don't just play or not on match day. They train every day, they play matches. OK, to get completely 'match fit' is subtly different, but to be able to deliver a ball should be a training pitch issue.

      Gio - I've seen him play more 'good' games for Mexico than us, but I've also seen him play poorly for Mexico.

      I also like the fact that Spurs not breaking down defences, puts us on a similar level to Barca!

      Tomorrow's another day though. A good win (or even a bad one will do - I also suspect that 'arry sees it that way) will see us in good stead :: Chavs and/or Newcastle - a draw there would seem the best result for us. Leaving a draw min on the final day for us to get 4th? Is that about right?

    • John,

      We have a difference of opinion on how well or otherwise our beloved club has played since the end of January, I respect your opinion, but I disagree. The joys of football, ey?

      Rose's and Gio's wage is irrelevant in this situation, it has to be. If they have had very little game time to speak of, then expecting them to come in and perform immediately is not realistic, both have had a distinct lack of minutes throughout the season, so if they look rusty or their crosses are a little off, then there is a good reason for that.

      Rose played as a left winger for the under 21's in the past and has looked very good, Gio is sublime for Mexico, for whatever reason neither has been given a fair crack IMO, arguably the same with Bentley.

      What I find bizarre is that when Lennon is out our formation goes to pot, we end up playing VDV, Niko, Luka or Bale on the right wing, if we had given Gio a decent chance he is the most suitable and similar replacement, which would allow us to keep, players in their best positions.

      Or as someone else suggested, we move Walker onto the right wing, as he possess pace a decent delivery, again allowing us to maintain a formation that has largely been effective. But because we loaned every RB replacement we have out, we don't have that option. This wouldn't be my favoured option, but it would prevent our 'star' midfielders being chopped and changed and moved.

      I like Harry, I just don't understand him at times and feel he may be guilty of being either naive or short-sighted- not the worst crimes, but avoidable IMO.


      Cheers John.

    • ....Surely creating and taking your chances is part of what constitutes playing well? if your not creating or scoring goals what are you doing? passing the ball around beautifully in pretty little patterns? where does that get you? It appears that it gets you free falling out of the top 3/4 and potentially missing out on CL football.....

      Yes, I can't argue with that. But (and this isn't an argument!), there's a fine line between creating and taking chances and 99% of that is 'luck'. VdV's goal could have ricocheted off numerous body parts - it didn't, not (IMHO) due to consummate skill - just that he hit it in the general direction with a bit of welly.
      I saw the QPR 'highlights' over 4 mins on Yahoo - it went something like Kenny save, Kenny save, Taraabt goal, Kenny save, Kenny save, Kenny save, Kenny save. IF two of those saves had been converted, would it have been a good performance based on taking your chances is what it's all about?
      In the cup, if we hadn't created anything - what on earth had the Chavs done? OK they ended up scoring a shed load (ho ho ho), but they looked so poor.

      Still, to me, I'd rather see us play 'well' (that is to me playing good attacking football with a purpose to the passing) and not necessarily get the result, rather than sit back and eek out a break away - as I personally think that if you keep playing the 'right' way, the results come. That's what I like about 'arry - he's only moved away from his principles on the very odd occasion - and then he was ok admitting he'd made a mistake. Other's will disagree with what 'arry does - and that's how it should be, as we - 'arry included - have an opinions as to how football should be played (with the squad we have).

      As for Rose and Gio - not sure. Rose was ok, but when he did get a chance to put the ball into the box, his delivery was pretty poor but ok - if you can say an £n,000 a week player was not prepared - then you could put that down to lack of matches. Gio - I just don't know - a bit like Bentley IMHO in as much as he offers a lot but just hasn't delivered for us.

    • John-

      Count yourself lucky you didn't see the QPR game, it wasn't pretty, as for the Chelsea mauling, maybe things would have been different had the non-goal been chalked off! maybe we'd have gone on to win. We didn't, IMO we collapsed after that goal and played poorly from the non-goal onwards.

      Surely creating and taking your chances is part of what constitutes playing well? if your not creating or scoring goals what are you doing? passing the ball around beautifully in pretty little patterns? where does that get you? It appears that it gets you free falling out of the top 3/4 and potentially missing out on CL football.

      If Walkers free kick had been saved and VDV's goal not given then I think many people would have felt we played badly, especially if Blackburn had been as bad, they were dire, the worst EPL performance I can remember. If that game had ended 0-0 I think many people would have touted it as the worst game of the season, not sure I could have disagreed in that instance.

      Incidentally I think Harry did get a few things wrong against Blackburn, I think Lennon and Defoe could have been taken him off far sooner than they were. It was good to see Rose start and it made me wonder why we hadn't rotated him in sooner? I rate BAE, but I think he needs competition for his place, Rose is the only option we have there because we loaned Naughton out all season. Also I think Gio looked good and could have been given more game time throughout the season (but we've debated him to death as well), IMO he is the most natural replacement we have for Lennon (because Townsend is loaned out)

      As it stands I think we did ok, if we had turned up and played well or even superbly we would/could have scored 5, we didn't so I think we did alight, nothing more.

      I haven't seen Villa play well all season and I'm hoping they roll over, I think a 3-0 win is quite achievable, lets hope they don't display the wounded animal mentality and have me chewing my fingers off.


    • Joe
      ....I didn't see QPR so can't comment......Chelsea (cup) I honestly thought we were the better team up until their 3rd goal (I hear sounds of laughter and chortling) about the 70th minute.

      To me, the games where we 'appear' (or are judged) 'poor' is when we just can't score (Woolwich game excluded where I thought we were poor and still scored) and lack that cutting edge. I honestly wonder what the comments would have been here re Blackburn had we played exactly the same but had VdV's effort either not been given or not gone in and if Walker's attempt had cannoned off the bar. I would all but bet that the comments here would have been '....another hapless performance...'arry got the tactics all wrong.....the team should be rotated as they looked knackered....' - BUT because we won, the attitude changes.

      Even the pundits change - the experts have gone from '....look at Spurs bench and their depth .....' to now '....Spurs need to buy to strengthen their bench....'. No change in squad, simply a change in results.

    • What confused me with Kean's tactics, was his reluctance to change even after they went 1-0 down. I could follow sitting back and getting a draw or even sneaking a breakaway, but what on earth was the point in sitting back knowing that you're losing?

      I guess it's the old addage about starting slow - once Blackburn started in the defensive frame of mind, changing up the gears becomes a problem for them. They can't have meant to carry on the way they did surely, as it served no purpose at all.

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      • Me too John. I'd even go as far as to say they were worse than the Wigan side we beat 9-1 a couple of seasons ago - at least Wigan gave it a go in the first half whereas Blackburn hardly looked a threat even when they had the ball in our box. Kean seemed rather clueless on the touchline - not nearly as animated as he's been in the past. I guess he'll be sacked if they're relegated.

        One could argue that 'Arry was slow to use our subs too. OK, we were 2-0 up by the time of the first one, but surely Lennon should have come off at the time of treatment - indeed it looked like he was until someone (?Lennon) decided otherwise. What was the point in him struggling on when Blackburn continued to hack him down? At least one of those tackles should have got a yellow. And why Daffy on at 88 mins - hardly worth it IMO.

        It wasn't our best performance but I'll take a win and all 3 points and hope it gees up the lads for a good effort at Bolton on Wednesday - especially knowing they could get to within 1pt of the Goons before they play on Saturday.

      • I feel sorry for the Blackburn fans. I have just had a quick look at their message board and the last comment on there was on the 2nd of Feb!!!

        No matter how bad we feel at missing out on CL football just imagine how bad they feel! Did you see Kean being interviewed after the game? It was bizarre. It was like he thought they were unlucky and that his tactics had not quite worked FFS! The man has lost the plot.

        The rot started when the chicken farming gypsies took over and got worse when they decided to stick with Kean.

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