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  • Layla Layla May 2, 2012 11:35 Flag

    uncertain times ahead

    we can forget 3rd derek. arsenal have an easy run in so no hope of catching them.

    if we dont get in the CL, u would expect modric to go for sure.
    we promised to let him go if we didnt make it into the CL last summer. chelsea,utd & city would all take him.

    bale, i really cant see who can afford him bar city. but not really sure they want him. barca want him at LB to take over from abidal but again, they cant afford him.

    chelsea after arry is a load of made up rubbish.
    just like hazard coming to spurs!

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    • I believe 4th is possible but we have to take each game as it comes, starting with Bolton tonight.

      Not surprised that other clubs are eyeing up our players - they have been for a couple of seasons now - but I don't think Levy will roll over tamely and sell like he has in the past, especially after his firm stance on Modric last summer. I very much doubt he'd sell our star players to PL clubs either - why strengthen them if it weakens us?

      SB, how do you know we promised to let Modric go this season if we don't get CL? Unless you have any proof of that then surely it's just speculation?

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      • hi kentish. dont worry, im not pretending bales uncles postman told me!

        im just going off what i have heard & read. i go off what makes more sense & seems realistic & true to me.

        so its not a fact. but i do think its the most obvious outcome of last summers transfer saga.

        modric says he wants to join chelsea, chelsea bid 40m, he stays for 1 more year on the promise we will let him go for the right price if we fail to make the CL.

        i dont see modric being happy with no CL football for another year & no real reason to believe next season will be any different. if we nick 4th & bayern beats chelsea, then this all changes of course.

        also im always hearing up here what a big fan of modric fergie & mancini are. so u have chelsea,utd & city all very serious interested parties. not just made up media rubbish.