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  • DEREK W DEREK W May 2, 2012 10:10 Flag

    uncertain times ahead

    disturbing paper reports.....man u after modric.....milan after bale....chelsea after 'arry....just speculation or a thread of truth......
    i tyhink 3/4th place is essential to keep the boys together...

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    • we can forget 3rd derek. arsenal have an easy run in so no hope of catching them.

      if we dont get in the CL, u would expect modric to go for sure.
      we promised to let him go if we didnt make it into the CL last summer. chelsea,utd & city would all take him.

      bale, i really cant see who can afford him bar city. but not really sure they want him. barca want him at LB to take over from abidal but again, they cant afford him.

      chelsea after arry is a load of made up rubbish.
      just like hazard coming to spurs!

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      • I believe 4th is possible but we have to take each game as it comes, starting with Bolton tonight.

        Not surprised that other clubs are eyeing up our players - they have been for a couple of seasons now - but I don't think Levy will roll over tamely and sell like he has in the past, especially after his firm stance on Modric last summer. I very much doubt he'd sell our star players to PL clubs either - why strengthen them if it weakens us?

        SB, how do you know we promised to let Modric go this season if we don't get CL? Unless you have any proof of that then surely it's just speculation?

    • I agree Vertonghen could be a good buy. He play's to the left of CB like Ledder's, so would be Ideal. Again Redmond looks to be a great prospect, but not sure about loaning him out, rather have him on bench, and given regular 25-30 min spell's. I mentioned in Jan that I thought we should try for Dempsey and Sessegnon, because we were never going to spend big, and I felt they would enhance our squad for the run in. I seem to remember you saying " what has Dempsey ever done ". well I think we can all see his worth now. like you say, a 100% giver and an eye for a goal. lot better than what we got in Saha IMO. My dream pairing up front for next season? Llorente and Falcaio, what you think? no, me to, but would be great pairing, and dont think either in CL next season.

    • Joe, you're absolutely right. Just having a rant. Keep the players, drop 'Arry. Completely lost respect for the bloke. I know alot of people think the link between our drop in form and the England job is coincidence but I don't, I think thats exactly what happened. 'Arry's head was turned and he took his eye off the ball.

    • i think Vertonghen is a must! very good player & cheap too.
      if not, than i guess settle for someone like hangeland.

      new keeper to start bringing in. should have got the dutch keeper when he went cheaply to roma.
      i think amos of utd would be worth a punt. looks solid when he rarely plays. young,english etc.

      damiao would be good to take over from ade.
      id like adam johnson but aint going to happen.

      id like a couple of young signings to bring in like redmond of birmingham. then loan him back out. i think too many teams buy young players and throw them in to early.
      for example connor wickham needed at least another year to learn his trade in the championship.

      caulker & naughton will be handy to have back. especially caulker.

      i guess we could go for dempsey who is going cheap.
      handy versatile player who always gies 100%.

      get rid of townsend,obika,jenas,bentley,corluka etc

      i expect pienaar to go back to everton. we all knew he fits in well there & loves being the main man & having everything go through him. its a completley different situation here so he will never fit in here. also his best position is wide left which just so happens to be bales! strange signing. sell him back.

    • SB. Sorry for the "quote " cant back it up as I cant remember what thread it was in. so maybe I got it wrong. Couldnt you see Sessegnon playing in VdV's role? and lasting full game's. lol.

    • If we do get to keep Ade, how do we pay him? I understand City have been paying while on loan, because he's on wages that only city can afford. Much as like him, I wouldn't like Spurs to have that millstone!

    • Be interesting to know what Citeh's wage bill is as FIFA's fair play is an attempt to stop this sort of thing. OK, if a club earns £100m from footie, then they can spend that, so it doesn't stop 'big club'::'small club' altogether (especially given how much the CL pays compared to domestic competitions), but at least it means a club can't spend more than it's earning and rely upon the funds provided by a benefactor.

      From http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2066802/Man-City-squad-sale-Mancini-forced-cut-20-players.html
      '....City have 63 players on their books at present and are hoping to streamline that to around 40 over the next two transfer windows.

      Results for the 2010-11 financial year, City's wage bill was £174million, £21m higher than turnover while Under FFP rules state that clubs are not allowed to post losses more than £39.5m over the three years in which it is assessed.


      Maybe offering Ade, De Jong and Johnson in exchange cuts their wage bill by the amount they're allegedly offering for Bale - so for them it's a nett break even on wages.

    • Highly unlikely the Chavs would consider a deal for Sturridge Joe, especially after last year's shenanigans with Modric.

      You're right that Modric has hardly been setting us alight but how much of that is down to the uncertainty over 'Arry and the England job? The remaining games this season will show us I guess, though given that he's an experienced professional he should be putting in the effort along with the rest of the team regardless.

      I still don't think Levy will sell Modric (or Bale come to that) to any club in the PL. If we really want to be seen as genuine challengers for the PL title there's no way he'll want to strengthen the opposition. Plus Modric still has at least 3 years to go on his contract which hardly gives him the upper hand. Manure are where they are despite some decidedly average performances this year (along with dodgy reffing too!) and I'm sure is something SAF will surely seek to rectify come the summer transfer window. FFP may have some bearing on it though as their wage bill must be pretty horrendous even if nowhere near that of Citeh or the Chavs. Their debt is still pretty high too isn't it?

      Apparently we're in for Vertonghen the Ajax CB, though up against the Goons and the Toon for his signature. We also have Naughton and Caulker coming back from loans - which gives us some cover on the left and in the centre. Both have done well this season on loan and picked up valuable experience in the PL. There's also Charlie to consider unless he's determined to stay in Germany and Dortmund want him. So, with Daws and Benny coming back from injury next season plus Kaboul that's quite a formidable back line.

      IMO we definitely need to bring in a younger keeper and a couple of strikers. Of those you in the MF you mention Joe, will Pienaar want to come back considering his success at Everton since returning. Hopefully he will and 'Arry will use him properly to get the best out of him - giving Bale a rest sometimes? Sadly I believe Niko may go. It'd be great to have The Hudd back though - with him, Sandro, Parker & Livermore all being very solid it gives us so many options for DM.

    • is Gomes still doing nothing and collecting a wage?
      haven't heard any talk of him leaving but surely we can pull in 5-6 million from some foreign team for him!
      get whatever we can for Jenas, Bentley (just take the loss on him) and Pienaar..and spend it on one decent player, it's not like their even squad members

    • its ok, but i honestly dont remember saying that.
      iv always thought he was a decent player.

      as far sessegnon in vdvs role, well im not a big fan of having a player in that role in our team. it isolates the loan striker far too much.

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