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  • Sfer Sfer May 4, 2012 13:49 Flag

    Bolton V Spurs

    Spursbabe - we all know we are a better team when we are moving the ball quickly from defence to attack BUT we can only do that when the team we are playing against are attacking us. Against Bolton we were able to use our pace at that particular time because they were trying to win the game and leaving space in midfield and at the back. We made them pay.

    When you look at the other games where we have not looked so good, struggling to score goals, its because the other team are either happy with a draw or they have been a goal ahead and therefore happy to sit and wait. We do not have the players to break down those teams - like at QPR.

    But how do you get a team to come and have a go and try and win the game? They know our strengths ie we can attack very quickly and score goals, so they adopt game plans to stop that.

    Whenever we play a team that is happy with a point or one that scores early against us, we struggle. On the other hand, teams that come and try and beat us from the off usually come off worse. What we need to do is have a plan B. A way of breaking down a team that has parked the bus. Now if Arry can do that then we have a side that can win things.