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  • Jlock Jlock May 4, 2012 14:04 Flag

    Bolton V Spurs

    Easier said than done though Sfer isn't it?
    Look at the Barca/Chavs debacle. OK, hands up, the Chavs defended well, but even with the talent on hand to Barca, they have problems breaking teams down. Again you could argue that they need a plan B - maybe so (and I'm not comparing Spurs to Barca here, just defensive play to defensive play).

    In their defence, the Chavs aren't a defensive team, so you have to give them credit for what they did in a 'one off', but IMHO, they didn't play 'well' - they won, fine, but it's not the stuff I want to watch week in week out.

    Spurs could sit back and draw the teams on and then hit - but so far 'arry seems to have gone for a more attacking style. That to me has been the way - and still is. So long may he continue with his philosophy (I may change that if we're ever in the relegation zone!).