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  • disagree sfer.
    some of what u have said is true for a few games.

    but there have been lots where teams havent parked the bus & we still have moved the ball slowly & not attacked with pace.
    as mentioned by someone else, we have become a possession team since the turn of the year. the other thing is bale has been coming in to the packed middle too.
    sometimes harry plays modric wide left & bale wide right which is silly. it ends up even narrower!
    if bale stayed playing down the left & lennon down the right we would have much more joy. look at some of the goals against bolton. there has been space to do that against other teams but we stayed narrow & tryed to bulldoze through the middle with 27 passes.

    norwich played with 2 fowards & attacked us. we created little & for the majority of the game attacked slowly with tappy tap passing. the only goal was when livermore decided to play an early through ball to defoe. the amount of times defoe makes good runs like that but doesnt get played in is a joke.
    we seem to ignore the obvious through ball or slide rule pass even when its clearly on. we would rather pass it 10 times on the halfway line first. maybe thats why it probably took a livermore to play the pass. the regulars dont seem to do it.

    we have won once away from home this year. are u seriously saying all the home teams we played parked the bus?!!!!!
    say what lol! a fair few of them attacked us like u would expect a home team too & we still didnt counter attack or attack quickly with pace. we just seemed to ignore this tactic for some reason. our losses too city & utd twice & arsenal- did they all park the bus?! no they didnt. especially arsenal. they through men foward & left loads of chances for us to counter atack with pace. lennon was made for that game but wasnt picked for some strange reason. he would have explioted the space.

    i can think of a few teams who parked the bus as u would expect. but not even half the teams we havent beaten parked the bus.

    sfer, i think u are being far too kind to our team!
    also, in the 1st half of the year when we we're winning, teams parked the bus & we still overcame them.

    another thing- harry is doing the worst tactic & team selection for teams who park the bus. he plays 1 isolated striker with the other (vdv) dropping so deep into the middle of the park which is already packed!

    we end up with everyone in the middle, bale wonders in the middle too. vdv is there too. the other team have everyone behind the ball & want u to try to go through the middle, so we oblige! u need to stretch teams that parked the bus. u need to have at least 1 guy in the box, not just ade who isnt a natural goal poacher anyway.

    u play 4-4-2 with defoe & ade up top. u have parker to guard against the counter attack. as well as the 4 normal defenders.
    surely they should cope against lower prem teams who park the bus.

    when i see the team line up at home to teams like stoke who get everyone behind the ball, im already thinking how the hell are we going to create chances.

    fair enough against good teams who are more attacking, we drop defoe & play vdv deeper. but at home to teams like stoke u need to be more attacking & use the width to stretch them, rather than playing with 1 isolated striker & having bale come into the middle.