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  • Kentish Maid Kentish Maid May 5, 2012 12:47 Flag

    Villa game tomorrow

    Quite looking forward to this one - I'm going to the game with my daughter and never been to Villa Park before :-)

    Will Villa roll over or come at us like a wounded animal? How they cope with us if we continue in the same way as the past 2 matches remains to be seen, but after the shenanigans from 3 of their players this week will they be below par?

    I hope 'Arry plays the same team as for the Blackburn and Bolton games. IMO he'd be mad not to play Sandro after his recent performances plus if Parker's not 100% fit he won't be as effective. Maybe he can bring him on 2nd half to calm things down.

    It'll be a painkilling injection for Walker to enable him to play, though why 'Arry let everyone know about it is anyone's guess as Villa will probably target him more than usual.

    COYS! A win for us will keep the pressure on the Goons right to the final game!

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    • Redknapp bottled it!
      Passive, Passive, Passive Man!!!
      Parker on instead of Defoe!?!?!
      The game was ours for the taking, even with 10 men!

      Clueless Coach when it comes to the crunch!

      Sorry, but I now feel we need better! Not sure 'Arry has the hunger for the big time.

      Shame, third was ours yet again... Redknapp didn't want it.

      (Bloody annoyed)

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      • i feel exactly the same sledge. just started a thread on it.

        the commentators were shocked in harrys decision on the sideline. they thought he had lost his marbles & was settling for a draw despite needing a win!

        not only parker instead of defoe sledge. but he could have brought on defoe a lot earlier for vdv. we never looked like scoring bar a pen, so we needed a goal scorer up there.

        he wasnt brave enough & u could visiable see the pressure got to him on the sidelines.

        like i said in another thread. if we had gone for it & werent good enough then fair enough. but the fact we never went for it is what really annoys me!

    • Hope you both enjoy the game. I think Villa will play cagey because 1 point will probably do them. We need to be aware of Agboniahor's pace on the break, so hope Kaboul and Gallas dont get to far apart.

    • hope u have a good time!

      well i think its important we dont let them get their confident going. lets attack them & try & get an early goal & hopefully get their heads down & the crowd on their back.

      yes sandro has been very good. i really rate him!
      same team as the bolton game with the option of parker to steady things like u say. or defoe to come on if we need a goal.
      if we are drawing towards the end, we might as well take a risk & go for the winner!

      im going to predict 1-1. they need the pts badly which is a bad thing for us.

      well done to norwich for given us a chance of 3rd.

      come on city against the toon!

      but at the end of the day we need to win both our games!

      dont bottle it again boys!