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  • Layla Layla May 6, 2012 16:06 Flag

    bloody shambles

    forgot to say.... sandro was outstanding for the 3rd game in the row. when king retires he will be my new fave player!

    if mourinho had been in charge today, even with 10men he would have thrown defoe on & gone for it.

    harry is a good manager but when the pressure is on & in big games he usually goes to pieces & cant handle it.

    he kept changing his mind about what to do during the match & in the end did nothing to the last few mins.
    it was like he thought just let the boys get on with it.

    u would honestly think he was happy with a pt. well done for handing 3rd spot to the gooners.

    at least city beat newcastle i guess.

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    • I was gonna start a thread but you've said it all spursbabe.
      I used to love Redknapp, bit i'm sorry he was a total pussy with 30 mins to go. Why would getting a penalty change the need to bring on Defoe seeing as we still needed to score another goal. Perhaps it would have been better if we hadn't got the penalty then Defoe would have definately come on! It beggars belief in to why it seems Redknapp settled for a draw, perhaps if the blue scum wasn't in the champions league final i could understand it........maybe, but bringing Parker on so we had 2 defensive midfielders and 1 striker when even with 10 men Villa were there for the taking is unforgivable. Sure Villa we're lucky and didn't deserve even a point but well done Harry for helping them and for ruining our chance for 3rd, you're a tactical genius