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  • Sfer Sfer May 11, 2012 15:30 Flag

    bloody shambles

    Anything anybody writes on here is an opinion John its just that sometimes yours come across as facts that nobody should argue with.

    As I said, I think you are confusing everybody making an "assumption" with people thinking (a logical thought in my book) an extra striker would raise our chances of scoring and therefore our chances of winning.

    I don't think everybody is jumping on any bandwagon to have a go at Arry. Most supporters think he has done a great job overall its just that 3rd was in our hands and many think he got it wrong in the way he handled that particular situation. I was a big fan of Arry when he was appointed when many were sceptical. I liked the way he got the best out of players. Now, my concern is that he might not be as savvy regarding tactics as he could be. Anybody that admits he virtually cannot read and write in this day and age has got to be at a disadvantage.

    His man management skills have got us this far and I am grateful for that but can he take us even further? So yes he has raised us up and we should all be grateful but at the same time we had 3rd in our grasp and we blew it. Its no wonder some are very disappointed.

    Not sure what you mean by that last bit. If we dont get CL and we lose Bale and/or Modric because of it there will be plenty of supporters that will blame Arry and in particular that game at Villa and his tactics. If we do indeed lose Bale and/or Modric and not get CL football it will be even tougher to get the players we need next year to even attempt to do anywere near as well as we have this year. Thats how big this 3rd versus 4th or 5th debate might be which is why, certainly for me anyway, the Villa game was SO vital. It was our chance to take control and we should have done anything and everything to take that chance IMO.

    As I said in a previous post, trying to be balanced about it all, it will all depend on what happens this weekend. If it goes our way...everybody will forget the Villa game. If it doesn't those like you (and actually I haven't seen many others) that defended Arry when he put Parker on instead of Saha or Defoe will be hard pushed to defend that decision especially if Bale waves goodbye.