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  • Layla Layla May 6, 2012 16:01 Flag

    bloody shambles

    what was harry playing up!
    the pressure got to him in the end.

    did he know we needed the win?!

    he settled for a pt.

    yes we had 10men but we were in control & villa were dreadful.

    vdv shatterd again after 70mins yet he keeps him on till the last few mins.

    we desperately need a goal so he leaves defoe on the bench & brings on parker!

    should have been braver harry.

    i like harry & he has done wonders for us.
    but everytime we get close & the pressure is on, he falls apart.

    again ade was isolated upfront & the only way we were going to score was a pen.

    why not go 4-4-2 with defoe & ade upfront for this must win match?

    even at the end he still didnt bring on the most likely player to score.

    i do wonder what hold has vdv got over harry.
    he is always on his knees after 70mins but stays on.

    i wish i could say we went for it but werent good enough. in the end we didnt go for it.

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      ANGRY,DISSAPOINTED,YES,but all's not lost.
      Yes we had the chance of giong 3rd and definate qualification into CL football(unless the CHAVS win the final)but at least we went at it full on today going by the sky report(will watch the game on football first and maybe come back)though the stasts showed that we totally dominated,even with 10 men,but sadly it wasn't to be.
      Can't blame Harry for that,surely.
      Roses' sending off obviously didn't help,and as i've already mentioned isn't quite up to the job yet.
      However,there's still one game to go and maybe ladyluck will shine down upon us with a win over Fulham and a win for WBA against the GOONS whom definately got more of thier share of luck yesterday.
      Anyway,here's hoping along with rest of you,that we nick that 3rd spot and the GOONS LUCK runs out.
      Come on WBA.


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      • "we totally dominated" without looking like scoring jeffall.

        id rather more even posession & yardage if we are testing the keeper. given had no hard saves to make.
        the only way we were going to ever score was a pen!

        rewatch the whole match jeffall. u will see it was clear we didnt look like scoring & needed another striker on the pitch.

      • Sorry Jeffall got to disagree about Harry.
        Can anyone PLEASE tell me why? ....
        Facts.........Second half, 40 minutes to go.... down to 10 men and a goal behind.
        Score equaliser from the spot... well on top... still no substitutions? Defoe, Dos Santos, Saha on the bench! Bale, our most potent attacker, playing LB. VDV tiring as usual, no help up front for Ade, not looking like scoring really so what does our esteemed manager do??? Absolutely FA and I don't often swear. Honestly I cannot understand the man!!
        Livermore on to cover LB, take off Gallas. Bale up to left wing. Bring on Daffy for VDV. Still have another sub if needed. If we lost we lost but at least we tried seriously to win it
        Defeat no worse than draw, still be fourth with one to go. 3rd with a win would have been far more favourable for last week-end of the season.

    • forgot to say.... sandro was outstanding for the 3rd game in the row. when king retires he will be my new fave player!

      if mourinho had been in charge today, even with 10men he would have thrown defoe on & gone for it.

      harry is a good manager but when the pressure is on & in big games he usually goes to pieces & cant handle it.

      he kept changing his mind about what to do during the match & in the end did nothing to the last few mins.
      it was like he thought just let the boys get on with it.

      u would honestly think he was happy with a pt. well done for handing 3rd spot to the gooners.

      at least city beat newcastle i guess.

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      • I was gonna start a thread but you've said it all spursbabe.
        I used to love Redknapp, bit i'm sorry he was a total pussy with 30 mins to go. Why would getting a penalty change the need to bring on Defoe seeing as we still needed to score another goal. Perhaps it would have been better if we hadn't got the penalty then Defoe would have definately come on! It beggars belief in to why it seems Redknapp settled for a draw, perhaps if the blue scum wasn't in the champions league final i could understand it........maybe, but bringing Parker on so we had 2 defensive midfielders and 1 striker when even with 10 men Villa were there for the taking is unforgivable. Sure Villa we're lucky and didn't deserve even a point but well done Harry for helping them and for ruining our chance for 3rd, you're a tactical genius

    • ive been saying this all season arry gets his tatics wrong alot of the time.

      I to was in shock and had to check the sub sevral times and my worse fears were confirmed Parker for VDV WTF?.

      Just before the Pen Defoe was warming up ADE Scores and defoe sits down so seems plain enough for me Arry was happy to settle for the draw but why on earth would he?

      Prehaps he is thinking of getting a nice fat slice of any deal from the sell of our best talent? if we dont get in the champs league, erm just make the cheque out to Rosie woof woof nugde nugde wink wink

      We have reached the famous glass ceiling and will not break through it with Arry at the helm and i hope to god Levy does not offer him a new contract.

      His poor tatics will not only cost us a Champs League place but will also come at the cost of Bale/Modric/Lennon/Walker all looking for the exit.

      Going to be a tough summer transfer wise with no champs league

    • also im ment to be the pessamistic 1, but certain people here would have settled for a draw like harry.

      u will never win anything with that attitude.

      i cant believe harry said after the game that he would always settle for a pt when 1-0 down with 10 men.

      so u need to win to win the league on the last day of the season. so harry settles for a draw because we had 10men & we're 1-0 down.
      what a silly thing to say.

    • Good grief SB, you like your little sly digs don't you?!

      You really make me smile. I don't think I've ever heard someone do the '...I'm not criticising...' and then go onto criticise so well.

      Hindsight is a wonderful thing SB. But just as a question, what would you have said had 'arry replaced VdV with Daffy on 70 mins and we had lost? Would you have been saying he did the right thing or would you be here saying that 'arry just doesn't have any tactical sense (although you're not criticising and you like him really).

      As for your:
      '....i cant believe harry said after the game that he would always settle for a pt when 1-0 down with 10 men.

      so u need to win to win the league on the last day of the season. so harry settles for a draw because we had 10men & we're 1-0 down.
      what a silly thing to say. ....'

      I despair......If you honestly think that your scenario is what he meant well that loses me. Surely you understood what he was talking about? No? Or is that just another one of your '...I like 'arry.....but he does say silly things/doesn't have any tactical sense/ picks the wrong team...' type comments?


    • Mornin' LTS.
      It's an odd one. It seems like a few people didn't rate 'arry. But most were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt to see how he got on and he proved the sceptics largely wrong - me included.

      Is he the right man to take us to the next level? Bloody 'ell, that needs a crystal ball. To me, I'd give him more time as stability also seems to go with success. The 3 big successes over the past what, 20-40 years had long term managerial stability. The bugger there is knowing exactly when to decide to give 'even more time' or when to cut your losses - but that's the board's role.

      I don't think 'arry 'bottled' it at Villa either. I've seen very few games with 'arry in charge, including our CL run, where we haven't just played 'our football'. He does seem to be worried about the opposition and just plays the game - maybe Sfer is right and we've then become a 'one trick' pony without another way of breaking teams down (but to me, that then begs the question why the difference between start and end of season).

      To me, the Villa game wasn't about lots of chances in the box. I'd need to check the stats (!), but I would guess that (inside the box) is where Daffy is at his best. So to me, if we had have been in the position where the strikers had missed a few chances in and around the box, then I would have agreed about Daffy coming on to maybe poach a goal. But that didn't appear to me to be the type of game I watched - and presumably it wasn't the game that 'arry saw either (although that is conjecture on my part as I never heard anyone ask 'arry why he didn't bring Daffy on). As pointed out before Modders isn't a provider - his assist rate and goalscoring rate is low. So without VdV, that just left Bale and Lemmon as main providers.But we all have our ideas - and I bet out of a crowd of 36,000 there would be at least 10 different sets of ideas.

      I'll also be frustrated if we don't get CL football. BUT I'll be ecstatic if someone can sort out the split season issues ready for next season...and sort out CB, RB, LB, RM, LM and striker....not much of a task...;-)

      I heard 'kin Kenny say last night the same as 'arry. IE they've played well, but just haven't got the results. Souness also said that they need a strike pair to score 40+ goals next season, with the midfield then chipping in their share. We have never got close to that, even with Keane/Berbatov.

      Onwards and upwards though.

    • ...I repeat - and this is a quote:
      '....Redknapp said: "When you are down to 10 men and you are one-nil down it's a point gained in the end, but on the balance of the game it was two points lost.....'

      Hmmmmmm. I heard 'arry in another interview and he seemed to echo the sentiment above.

      see - http://www.football365.com/tottenham-hotspur/7735932/Aston-Villa-v-Tottenham-reaction

    • Sfer,
      But why the automatic assumption by everybody here, that by changing the team with a striker, we would have won?

      I keep asking what people here would be saying now, if 'arry had brought on Daffy / Saha / Two Saints and we'd then lost. Why assume the win? I honestly think the reaction here would have been awful. It wouldn't have been '....bravo 'arry, at least you tried....'. But that is just my opinion an I'll never know the answer to that either.

      I'm not saying 'arry was right (how can you ever tell) - but at the point when Daffy was about to come on, we just scored. Maybe, just maybe, given that we were already camped in their half, 'arry thought that we'd then go on to score another anyway. So shored up midfield to stop them breaking and scoring.

      As I said and I think as everyone's seen here, 'arry doesn't play the defensive game - I don't recall that many games where we haven't tried to win. Villa was no exception - we just didn't.
      we can argue the toss forever as to why we didn't win, and how/why we dominate games in the second half of a season without turning the performance into a result. defensive trait

    • To Dare Is To Do!

      Harry Didn't, so the team Didn't!

      played it too safe at Villa...
      Here's hoping Bayern have a bit more desire and cojones.

      Anyway, a damn good showing from the boys this season... far surpassed my expectations after a lousy transfer window in the summer. Shame Levy and Redknapp didn't go all out to strengthen in January and build on the fabulous momentum we had pre- New Year. Otherwise who knows where we could have finished.

      I'll say it again...
      To Dare Is To Do!

      Sometimes it's good to follow your own motto

    • we all say silly things John but we don't get paid mega money for doing so. As I said before I was really amazed that when we managed to get an equaliser he didn't go for the throat.
      IMHO !!! he should have used at least 2 of the subs to liven the attack Yes I know we were 21-4 up on shots at the end and 11-2 on target ones but how many real hard "saves" did Given have to make.
      We would not have been in a worse position going into the last game than we are now even if we had lost!!! So I for one would have loved to have seen Defoe for Vdv for the last 20 minutes and Saha or Dos Santos as well.
      We really should have won that game and put ourselves in pole position where by a win would give us 3rd.
      Do you realise Arsenal can lose by the odd goal at WBA and still be 3rd if we only draw with BMJ's side. And don't you think Jol wouldn't just love to stuff Daniel Levi after the way he was sacked?

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