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    After the bloody shambles

    Further to my thoughts on the Villa result and the fact Harry didn't go for the win.
    Do you not realise that Arsenal can now lose by the odd goal at WBA and still end up 3rd if we only draw with Fulham That is why I was so annoyed that Harry didn't go all out to win against Villa.
    Defeat would have left us in the same situation of needing a win, as now after our draw, but all the pressure would have been with the gooners as they "must win" their last game where as now it's with us as we now have that hurdle to surmount.

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    • schoolboy error from harry mr its.

      what is worse is rather than say he proably was too negative settling for a draw, he comes out & says afterwards that he would always settle for a draw if 1-0 down & down to 10men.

      so are u saying if we needed a win on the last day of the season to win the league he would settle for a pt!

      i cant wait for the fulham game. it turns out we need to win due to other scores to get top 4. but we get a man sent off so what does he do, settle for a pt & a 5th place finish.

      harry is allowed to be pessimistic.certain people on the board ignore that, but they get all excited when i do!

      its funny watching them play dumb to other managers saying pessimistic things.

      pep with a while to go said barca cant win the title.
      mancini has said the same thing for ages.
      with just a few games left fergie said utd would drop more pts.

      my how certain people play dumb to suit their poor arguement!

    • Also, after the publicly humiliating way in which Spurs handled the firing of Martin Jol, I would think that Jol has an "unfinished business" with Spurs and their chairman Daniel Levy.

      Surely, it's human nature for any sacked manager who parted company acrimoniously from his former employer to want to put one over his ex- employer.

      Don't discount the serious threats posed by Martin Jol's Fulham who are right bang on form going into this crucial fixture.

      I can't believe that Fulham are 2nd in the EPL form guide.