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  • Layla Layla May 9, 2012 14:53 Flag

    is harry brave enough?

    harry quote after the villa game. quote which is a fact-

    "once u go down to 10men & 1-0 down, ud take a pt all day, i dont care who u are."

    so he is saying he settled for a pt in the villa match, which is saying he would settle for CL spot being out of our hands with 1 game to go.

    have i understood that right?!

    he is happy to leave it to other teams to do us a favour, rather than keep your own destiny in your hands going in to the last game of the season.

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    • Seems like 'arry was just trying to make himself feel better (for blowing that particular chance) and placate the fans in the process.

      It's still not over (incredibly).

    • Seems like we've been here before SB, on other posts.
      There seems to be a split about whether he did or not. I would have preferred it if we had gone gunho for the 3 points but others feel we are still in a good position after the 1 point against the Villa.
      Pays your money and takes your pick, we will know one way or the other on Sunday evening won't we.
      Let's hope Harry got it right!!!!!!

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      • LTS-SB,

        From what I've read on this issue in this post and others and from what I saw of the highlights, I agree with you two. I would have rather that we put our balls in our back pocket and gone all out for the win. As highly as I rate Parker, he's unlikely to score or create a goal. Whilst Defoe can be hit and miss, he's probably the most natural goal scorer we have (different debate, leave it!!!).

        Maybe it's the way I'm reading it or, maybe I'm being kind to 'Arry. I think what he saying is: if you are out numbered 10-11 and 1-0 down, then getting a point is a decent result. In another situation ie: when 3rd wasn't there for the taking, I can understand that point. 'IF' we were in playing Villa 3 years ago (when they were good) and 3rd spot hadn't been on the line, I may have taken 1 point if we had been in a similar 10-11 men down, 1-0 down situation. But we weren't so its an irrelevant argument IMO.

        But IMO, it was there for the taking and for what ever reason 'Arry decided we couldn't/wouldn't win. I see the the Parker sub as one designed to 'sure things up', prevent them scoring (which they never looked like doing) rather than doing everything he could to help us win the game.

        I guess I'm a cretin (Cretinism is a condition of severely stunted physical and mental growth due to untreated congenital deficiency of thyroid hormones, according to Ruel Fox and John Locke), How tall/short was Ruel Fox? a touch of projection on his part maybe?

        I can live with Cretin, thanks for that article JL- Nice to see what Mr Fox thinks of those who dare form their own opinions-