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  • Joe Joe May 10, 2012 14:06 Flag

    Jan Vertonghen

    This the calibre of defender we have needed to bring to the club for some time. Especially as Ledley's next game could be his last (not what I've heard, but always a possibility with the injuries he lives with)

    Gallas, Corluka, Bassong, Nelson could all be else where next season and IMO even if they all stayed we need to improve our CB options, in that case Jan's the man.

    If the article below is to be believed he wants to join our beloved club, at this stage I'm not holding my breathe, he could quite easily join a number of clubs, but I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.

    He is top quality.



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    • Yes me thinks maybe you are right and we aren't at their level at the moment but we were until the end of Jan/Feb. There were us 3 teams in the league going for the title so why would he not consider them as competitors. Had it not been for the problems surrounding Harry (court case and England scenario) I think we might still have been within 10 points of them. So maybe you are a little ungenerous to our team.
      Who knows the why or wherefore things went wrong but suffice it to say that IMHO with a good CB and striker we won't be in the same position next year at the same point!!!!
      Depends on the transfers we acquire more than those who leave!!

    • joe, im a big fan of him. he must be our 1st target for CB.
      we should move earlyt for him before bigger better clubs come sniffing!
      he is going cheap too!

      joe, i though gallas signed a 2yr contract so im pretty sure he is staying at least next season.

      bassong & corluka arent good enough. nelson, well an ok stop gap but we shouldnt be really signing him up for next season.

      if we dont get vertonghen-

      thiago silva. (i can dream cant i!)

      haangeland would be decent. not in vertonghens class but very solid & pretty reliable. realistic signing too.

      good to have dawson back next season, i just hope all these serious injuries havent made him weak & very likely to get another serious injury.

      caulker. dawson. king. gallas. kaboul & vert or hangeland should be enough!

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      • I agree SB,

        From what I've seen of him, he has been very impressive and versatile. I think he could carry a hefty price tag, Ajax must be well aware of the plethora of admirers that he has across Europe, I think they'll be looking at the best part of £20mil. The longer he's at Ajax the higher his price, he will go somewhere this summer, I just hope Levy digs deep, breaks the habit of a life time and signs him asap.

        I'll have to bow to your knowledge on Gallas's new contract, if he has just signed a 2 year deal, his agent must be amazing. I could question him throughout last season. Whilst he's been good at times this year, he's also been injured a lot and IMO he's on the slide and will only get slower and easier to bully, plus he smokes- dirty boy!

        I agree Bassong, Charlie probably aren't good enough, although Charlie would have been a useful back up player, especially as we have no RB cover (a debate that has been done, so I'll leave it!) I agree regarding Nelson, he served the purpose, but he should be replaced asap.

        Haangeland would be a good shout, also Pablo Armero of Udinese, would make sense if BAE is planning on a move.
        Serdar Tasci of Stuttgart, has looked good whenever I've seen him play.

        I think King and Gallas should be very much bit-part players next season, with Dawson, Kaboul, Caulker and ............ (a new quality CB) getting the majority of the games. Gallas and King will both offer a lot in terms of development and in the dressing room, especially to a player like Caulker who will be able to learn a huge amount form their wealth of experience.

        What are your views on replacing Luka? IMO he will leave!

        If Niko and VDV stay can they fulfil this role? can we play Sandro and Parker rotating Hudds and Livermore in and out in CM?

        Or do we attempt to sign a CM of a similar calibre (that would be incredibly hard IMO)

        This time next week taht rumor mill will have gone into over drive, lets embrace it.

        COYS!!! 3-1 to the Tottenham this weekend!

        P.S. Would you take Dempsey? considering Saha is old, Ade could be else where and Defoe may leave (could you blame him)