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    To the naysayers, I say this: chill your boots!

    Ladies & Gents, girls & boys, the end of the season is nearly here, and we - like most teams in the league - have had a helluva ride. Overall I think it's been one of my favourite seasons for unexpected twists and turns, but where's the love? Where's the nostalgic look back at the highs & lows, the analysis of players & most hotly anticipated prospects for the next season? Are you trying to not tempt fate and wait for the fat lady to sing?

    Well not me! I'd like to hear your (for the interlopers, looking at Spurs please):

    1) Player of the season
    2) Most improved player of the season (I suspect this'll be a no-brainer)
    3) Stand out moment of the season
    4) Goal of the season
    5) Match of the season
    6) Result of the season
    7) Off-field moment of the season (e.g. a good pundit comment, news relating to the club, etc)
    8) Surprise of the season (I'm thinking things like the growth in affection for BAE, it might even be something like keeping Modric when Chelsea came calling)
    9)Biggest hope for next season (realistically speaking)
    10) Fantasy for next season (preferably with a tiny semblance of reality; completing the quadruple probably won't happen, but this is a "dare to dream" question)

    I'll not list mine yet so I don't put ideas in your head, if no-one replies today I might have another thread of talking to myself, I'm ok with that.

    Friends, Countrymen, Spursans, lend me your responses; GO!

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    • 1) Scott Parker & Emanuel Adebayor – without either of them I don’t think we’d have even got 4th place
      2) Kyle Walker
      3) Losing to the Goons at the Library – the belief went and started the rot that allowed our 10pt lead to slip away
      4) Either of Walker’s goals v the Goons and Blackburn
      5) 4-0 v Liverpool
      6) 5-0 v Newcastle
      7) Hearing that the new stadium would be built at WHL
      8) Seeing the sheer joy on Modric’s face when he scored v Liverpool
      9) To get back to playing the attractive attacking football that had all the pundits raving about us earlier in the season
      10) To beat Manure - home or away

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      • my twopence worth
        1) Scotty
        3) losing 2 goal lead against gooners
        4) Bale against Norwich
        5) Man City away, we should of won it.
        6) Newcastle
        7) The new stadium actually getting the go ahead
        8) our total collapse in results after the gooners result
        9) My hope for next season is to keep our best and and some more quality so we play like majority of this season without collapsing
        10)Play our way for the whole of the season ie like after the first 2 games up to the gooners defeat.

    • 1) Younes Kaboul
      2) BAE most improved
      3) Hitting Liverpool for a 4-0
      4) VDV two little one two's outside the area with BAE?
      5) 2-1 against Arsenal
      6) Smashing Newcastle 5-0
      7) Daniel Levy reminding us that the Spurs elite are not allowed to leave [this week?]
      8) Surprise when we "apparently" signed Vertongen
      9) Another top 4 finish, with the help from signings Vertonghen, Llorente or Ade, playing Giovanni/Pienarr more in a healthy rotation, good cup run/Europe run...

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      • 1) kaboul or parker , but i think kaboul pips it with some solid commanding displays.
        2) maybe not improved player but improved position,right back. we finaly have a class right back in walker.
        3) modric staying and then going on a 11 game run without lose
        4) walkers against arsenal or bea's cracker
        5) wins against arsenal and newcastle
        6) 2-1 vs arsenal
        7) have to agree on levy's comments about we are not selling our players.
        8) that we didnt finish 3rd, i was sure we would.
        9) some BIG signings coming in and to finaly beat man utd
        10) fa cup and 3rd.

    • As in the words of the song...I need a little time....
      This thread will be 3 pages away by the time I've tried to answer that lot! But try I will just to get rid of the thread below...93 replies and counting! I'll just get tomorrow's issues out of the way, then get on with it. Is there a prize?