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  • Nick Nick May 13, 2012 11:20 Flag

    Ideal last day would be...

    Spurs win
    Newcastle win
    Arsenal lose

    Spurs get 3rd and the scum get a cold trip to the arse end of Russia to play Europa.

    Here's hoping!!!!

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    • I wrote something similar to this a few days ago but apparently didn't post it; it goes like this:

      Don't worry, I've got a plan.

      Sunday rolls round, a bright but breezy day; 3 o'clock arrives and up and down the country whistles blow. The first halves cause nails to be bitten to the core up and down the league, and for Spurs the signs aren't good; 1-1 at White Hart Lane, Arsenal with a comfortable looking 2-1 at The Hawthorns, and Everton-Newcastle still goalless but only the barcodes looking like scoring.

      The second halves start, with scores remaining the same (except for in the North, where it goes up to 1-1). The Lane gets tenser & tenser, until the 82nd minute, when the crowd starts to get more noisy as the news filters through that West Brom have taken the lead! Cut to Martin Jol, where, almost unnoticeable, he gives the tiniest of nods.

      All of a sudden, Gallas inexplicably races upfield, only to be upturned in the penalty area by one Danny Murphy. It's now the 87th min, and Adebayor, cool as an ice cube in winter, steps up and sinks the following penalty.

      The crowd goes WILD!!!! And Martin Jol, still standing cross-armed & stoney-faced, scratches his arm with his two forefingers, sending a silent v-sign to Wenger.

      And that, my friends, is revenge for Lasagnegate.


      In all the excitement, nobody notices 'little Newcastle' sneaking up for their final corner... and Cisse strikes again.

      It ends 3rd Spurs, 4th Geordies, 5th Arsenal.


      All eyes move to Munich, and the Champion's League final, where once again, karma strikes. Munich win 5-1 following The Red Card That Was Never Issued and a phantom goal. Chelsea are insufferable, and Newcastle are in the Champion's League.


      In fact, I like this this version so much I might not bother watching the football today; that way this can be my only reality...

    • Ideal yes layla realistic no

      We have all been Spurs fans long enough to know that today will go like this

      Gooners win take 3rd
      Big Mart back at the lane pulls down our pants and shafts us
      Newcastle win we end up in the Crapopa Cup.

      Why expect any different lol

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      • the real problem is what harry will do with the line up. he'll obviously squash bale back to left back, however the real problem comes in who he puts on the left, if he puts modric on the left it's just silly.

        i say

        walker kaboul gallas bale
        lennon modric sandro giovanni/kranjcar

        although with harry it's 1 in 100 giovanni will even get subbed on let alone start a game.