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  • Not sure about the authenticity of what I'm about to post on here but I've just read on a different forum that WBA's calamity goalkeeper Fulop is apparently a closet gooner. His shoddy performance today could knock Spurs into Europa League football if Chelsea beat Bayern next Saturday.

    The plot as they say thickens, another Lasagna-gate methinks.

    Isn't that Triffic if proven to be true?

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    • Fulop was a 2nd or 3rd stringer back in the Kasey Keller days, wasn't he? Never got a shot; possibly bitter, terrible blunders made (2 of them, the third i put down to the shot having a vapour trail on it, he was lucky to get the hand to it).
      Deliberate or not, we lost thrid place when we didn't take advantage of the gooners slip up a couple, three games ago. So, no lasgne gate this year in my book, we just didn't win when it mattered most (home to Wolves was my milestone...after that draw Harry stopped talk of challenging for the championship and began talk of 4th place...well 'Arry, you got what you want; but just think of what you would have got if you thought BIG!

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      • Nice post Rambro

        I fully agree with you we can complain about dodgy italian dishes or dodgy closet gooner fans playing in goal for W.B.A.

        The fact is we had plenty of chances all through the season to kill off Arsenal and secure 3rd spot of higher and we gave point after point away Wolves/Norwich/Q.P.R etc i could go on we had a 10pt lead and then do what we always do and throw it away

    • I cant believe the papers have said so little about Martin Fullop,s performance.You dont become a premier goalkeeper if you have a game like that in your locker.The first goal was very dubious to believe a top class keeper could make such a hash of a straight forward routine wich he does a hundred times a day.The second goal was as limp wristed an attempt as you will see.NOW THE THIRD GOAL no Arsenal player anywere near him,the ball no higher than head height he uses two hands to punch the ball to the goal totally wrong direction.WATCH IT ON YOU TUBE<IT ACTUALLY LOOKS ALMOST DELIBERATE

    • i wondered about his utterly pathetic performance.....seemed too bad to be true...

    • dont ever look at your own shoddy performances!