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  • A Yahoo! User May 14, 2012 09:55 Flag

    first time in my life..........

    I have always supported English or Scottish teams in European games. I can't remember ever wanting a British team to lose in an European competition. Even the Gooners!!! because they were representing England or Britain.
    It peeves me to say so but, because of our current situation, I'll be cheering on the German team next Saturday.
    This is a really sad situation for me but I have followed Spurs for getting on for 60 years and want the best for them and all yiddos so it is with regret that I want Chelsea to lose. Sorry you chavs any other scenario I would love you to win it.
    I suppose it will serve us right if the chavs do win and it will hopefully make the manager and team realise the situations that we threw away in establishing ourselves at number 3 in the league. Hopefully everyone at the club will strive harder next season to cement our position in the top echelon of the toughest league in the world.
    That should start immediately with Daniel Levi making a statement to follow up his official one by the signing of Verthongen!!!!!!!!

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