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  • HighRoadJohn HighRoadJohn May 15, 2012 18:30 Flag

    Lack of Ar$e pi$$ taking

    How are they a much better side than us? 1 point and identical goal difference does not make them a MUCH better side. You can't keep on about Fabregas, Nasri...they're not Arsenal players...you might as well go on about Brady and George. Unlucky about Wilshere, but nearly every team loses key players...we've been without Hud all season, plus key defenders at certain times. And when you take into account the style of football we play (I know you don't watch Spurs, Fab, so you'll have to take my word for it)...much easier on the eye than the pop-guns...lump it to RVP at all the time..hit and hope! I will say, though, it may have been quiet on here...but I've been getting heaps from gobshite gooners where I live and work! To sum up...Glad to be Spurs! We've bridged the gap.

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    • "we've been without Hud all season".
      surely that is an advantage?

      the gap will become big again if chelsea win & we go another season without CL footie.
      we need that money badly.

      but i guess it was worth the risk not to lose a 1pt that was unlikely to be of any use against villa!

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      • No need to dig at me, SB...I've never even mentioned the Villa game on here. For the record I think we should have won it long BEFORE the sending off and substitution. We weren't good enough attacking anyway. This season we were one point behind Arsenal...that doen't make them 'much' better than us, in fact the stuff we played was far better than RVP and ten others could manage. Next season we'll see. I also happen to like Huddlestone.