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  • Sfer Sfer May 15, 2012 09:53 Flag

    Lack of Ar$e pi$$ taking

    Given that Ar$e finished above us we might normally have expected getting some of the usual pi$$ taking stick.........but it is strangely missing!!


    Is it anything to do with A) they know that they were very lucky (as they have been several times this year) to beat a WBA team that did pretty much everything they could do gift them the points. Any other game like that they would have lost but for a keeper to give two goals away like that is very unusual and B) they know the gap has been closed to a point which makes it very uncomfortable.

    They can no longer claim, and quite rightly, to be a much better team than us. Without RVP they certainly would be worse and they seem very nervous about it.

    OK so we missed out finishing above them this year but the signs are extremely good for next year - and they know it....hence no crowing. That might not be as good as the feeling we would have had if we had got 3rd but it should still be appreciated.

    Oh, and now the results are in, I definitely think we should have done much more tactically to beat Villa and secure the points that would have given us 3rd. Arry got that one very badly wrong IMO.

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    • Sfer-

      I agree with your last paragraph, IMO harry got some of his decisions V Villa wrong, we'll see the consequence of how wrong when Munich play the chavs. COME ON MUNICH!

      The majority of the Goons who come on here are actually quite constructive, amusing people. (You know who you are). Who's board is quite often over run with fans of other clubs who dole out mindless cack.

      I have a goon brother, ordinarily he gives me a fair amount of stick at this time of the year, not this year. He has a level (not sure what level) of respect of us, IE, the majority of the time, we play good football, so he has come to appreciate that rather than just being blinkered by club rivalry. I think the A/B arguments you gave are very valid points.

      He also has a level of respect for the way we are run. He feel's that we are progressing in 'the right way', without relying on a multi billionaire sugar daddy.

      There is still the odd fool (don d, gunnerburygooner) who can't seem to help themselves, but more than likely they are the type of multi ID'd cowards that plague these boards. Posters whose contributions are almost entirely without merit, almost completely worthless, lacking any form of imagination or wit.

      I fully expect small minded retaliation form the usual muck spreaders.- bring it.

      COYS- COBM

    • Have to chortle WILDLY at your comments

      'They can no longer claim, and quite rightly, to be a much better team than us'

      Oh i'm afraid we can. Quite simply.....because we STILL are.

      Arsenal still managed to finish above Spurs after having played out the poorest season for lord knows how long.

      Van Persie played a blinder this season and yes the club needed his goals, yet before him there was Fabregas and Nasri and Adebayor and Henry etc etc.

      One man club? Dream on Sfer (unless you mean Wenger).

      I won't say we'll beat Spurs yet again next season, because i never do. Suffice to say i am quietly super confident.

      Sorry to dissapoint, but i think the lack of p!ss taking is more because Spurs are of little consequence. Same old, same old.

      Besides....everyone is too busy laughing at the United glory supporters squirming.

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      • How are they a much better side than us? 1 point and identical goal difference does not make them a MUCH better side. You can't keep on about Fabregas, Nasri...they're not Arsenal players...you might as well go on about Brady and George. Unlucky about Wilshere, but nearly every team loses key players...we've been without Hud all season, plus key defenders at certain times. And when you take into account the style of football we play (I know you don't watch Spurs, Fab, so you'll have to take my word for it)...much easier on the eye than the pop-guns...lump it to RVP at all the time..hit and hope! I will say, though, it may have been quiet on here...but I've been getting heaps from gobshite gooners where I live and work! To sum up...Glad to be Spurs! We've bridged the gap.

    • Now we've got Scotty or Sandro as DMs his role has diminished, but he is versatile enough to have on the bench - he can play back four or he could replace any injured central midfielder, box to box or defensive, so IMO he would be an asset to the squad when fit.