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  • Sfer Sfer May 17, 2012 14:56 Flag

    'Kin Kenny 'Kin Gorn

    Used to like him as a player and half witty pundit but as a manager he became a plonker.

    The funny thing is on the yahoo vote for who should replace him The Special One is way ahead at 24% but they are dreaming if they think he would take it, and The Fat Spanish Waiter - Benitez is 2nd with 17% of the votes!!

    Amazing, how stupid are those Pool fans. I can see another Hodgson debacle at Pool coming on. Hire an interim Manager for 6 months to take the flack and after they fail then go and hire someone that can do the job but at what cost!!

    What about getting Graeme Souness back - he was another useless ex player that made a hash of it the first time around and they love them up in pick pocket City.