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  • Jlock Jlock May 16, 2012 17:23 Flag

    'Kin Kenny 'Kin Gorn

    Not entirely unexpected.

    I think Pool had a bad run of results - where a bit like us, the performances didn't match the result. But then I saw them play on other occasions and they were woeful.
    I think the Fenway bunch were probably swayed by the money side though - they probably assumed that £100m spent in a short period (ignoring money in) would have bought at least 5th or be close to CL.

    He was never one of my favourite managers and I thought he acted like a pillock in the interviews after matches. Be interesting to see who they get in now.

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    • Evening fellow yids.
      I sometimes wonder how hard it is to manage a team of professional footballers whom surely love thier job and performing in front of cheering fans,especially in home games.
      I''ve allways imagined that the team almost picks itself.
      I.E.The best players in thier best positions and may be the hard part comes with injuries.
      Tacticlly each game differs and squad rotation is a must, to keep each and every player on thier toes.
      But as we all know there are 8 or 9 players that are allways the main stay of the team.
      Any more than 2 ghanges from 1 game to another normally leads to dissruption in the team and although players coming in can often blamed for poor performances which in reallty can be down to1 of the regular 9 sulking because thier preferred link up man/ partner has been subed.
      But at the end of the day you can only field the best team at your disposal, and if some of that team are players you bought into club via funds and you haven't achieved to the BOARDS expectations then possibly your jobs at risk.
      Hence Kenny got the sack.
      Whether he should have been given time to make things better,is down to them but maybe there are other problems aswell,like his sulky cmments in interviews after the game etc we'll never know.
      Had he commented on each game like Martinez,whom IMHO was always constructive and mostly unbiased, then a lot more people would have felt sorry for him,which doesn't seem the case,but thats life,and although i'm a SPURS fan would happily accept the job for 100 grand a week.(can't be that hard,surely).


    • Big shame - I was hoping he'd stay and keep Liverpoo languishing in mid-table mediocrity.

      I reckon they'll look at Lambert, Rogers, Martinez or Poyet (who might be able to handle Suarez better) or maybe abroad, though they're pi$$ing in the wind if they think they might attract Guardiola or Mourinho.

      However, I hear that Benitez is currently out of work ... ;-)