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  • sledge sledge May 20, 2012 13:37 Flag

    The Precious...

    I don't think anyone is saying that had Harry put on another striker at Villa that we would have won.
    The point is that he didn't give it 100% in his willingness to take the season by the scruff of the neck and go all out to grab CL football no matter results elsewhere!
    Had we lost, no-one would complain... we were afterall down to 10 men and came from 1-0 down to level things up.
    Had Villa been dominating possesion, there could be no arguments in going for the draw... yet we came back, dominated, and also really needed the win with only one more game to go!
    The fact is, the risk was worth taking. For the risk in missing out on CL was too great not to.

    There were 18 games that Spurs failed to win this season... a single win in any of those would have got us CL footie next year... but the Villa game was right at the end of the season and the picture almost complete as to how things would turn out. No-one could have predicted earlier in the season how it would be, but at Villa we knew the risk was there.

    For me, and certain other fans, it was lunacy to not go for it.