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  • Jlock Jlock May 20, 2012 15:28 Flag

    The Precious...

    Maybe your explanation isn't that good SB?

    Think again. If 'arry didn't want to win against Villa, why on earth were we camped in their half for most of the second half?

    You fail to see that the team and formation 'arry played against Villa (injuries excluded) was basically the same team that 'arry had stuck with and that in the end got us 4th - it was an attacking team. IMHO 'arry did not got to Villa for a draw as you keep on implying. Then look at the subs - I'll repeat - it appeared that 'arry was going to bring on Daffy when we then scored. As happens in many games, the manager then changes his mind after a goal is scored. I personally think that 'arry thought we we would then press on to win. That was in the 70+ minute anyway. By the time Parker did come on it was 90+ minutes.
    So you can have your opinion about would Daffy have changed anything, I'll have mine and obviously 'arry and the coaching staff had theirs.

    I have not turned 360 degrees either - I'll repeat, I will say the same next season and the next ad infinitum. Should we ever be on a run (as we were) that is title winning form, then I would expect 'arry (or whoever is managing) to be encouraging the team to aim for the title. As it was, the results dipped - IMHO but not the form - we played well (apart from a couple of games) but didn't get the results. I would still have hoped that 'arry was constantly geeing the team to get the highest mathematically possible position. I hope that he told the team before the Villa match that they were playing for 3rd.

    As I keep saying - and you seem to ignore - I don't recall many times where 'arry has played a defensive team. That doesn't appear to be his 'style'.