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  • sledge sledge May 19, 2012 22:32 Flag

    The Precious...

    1 point we got at Villa... Precious indeed!!!

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    • Maybe your explanation isn't that good SB?

      Think again. If 'arry didn't want to win against Villa, why on earth were we camped in their half for most of the second half?

      You fail to see that the team and formation 'arry played against Villa (injuries excluded) was basically the same team that 'arry had stuck with and that in the end got us 4th - it was an attacking team. IMHO 'arry did not got to Villa for a draw as you keep on implying. Then look at the subs - I'll repeat - it appeared that 'arry was going to bring on Daffy when we then scored. As happens in many games, the manager then changes his mind after a goal is scored. I personally think that 'arry thought we we would then press on to win. That was in the 70+ minute anyway. By the time Parker did come on it was 90+ minutes.
      So you can have your opinion about would Daffy have changed anything, I'll have mine and obviously 'arry and the coaching staff had theirs.

      I have not turned 360 degrees either - I'll repeat, I will say the same next season and the next ad infinitum. Should we ever be on a run (as we were) that is title winning form, then I would expect 'arry (or whoever is managing) to be encouraging the team to aim for the title. As it was, the results dipped - IMHO but not the form - we played well (apart from a couple of games) but didn't get the results. I would still have hoped that 'arry was constantly geeing the team to get the highest mathematically possible position. I hope that he told the team before the Villa match that they were playing for 3rd.

      As I keep saying - and you seem to ignore - I don't recall many times where 'arry has played a defensive team. That doesn't appear to be his 'style'.

    • I don't think anyone is saying that had Harry put on another striker at Villa that we would have won.
      The point is that he didn't give it 100% in his willingness to take the season by the scruff of the neck and go all out to grab CL football no matter results elsewhere!
      Had we lost, no-one would complain... we were afterall down to 10 men and came from 1-0 down to level things up.
      Had Villa been dominating possesion, there could be no arguments in going for the draw... yet we came back, dominated, and also really needed the win with only one more game to go!
      The fact is, the risk was worth taking. For the risk in missing out on CL was too great not to.

      There were 18 games that Spurs failed to win this season... a single win in any of those would have got us CL footie next year... but the Villa game was right at the end of the season and the picture almost complete as to how things would turn out. No-one could have predicted earlier in the season how it would be, but at Villa we knew the risk was there.

      For me, and certain other fans, it was lunacy to not go for it.

    • you could tell by the way fate and luck were going Chelsea's way that their name was written on the cup.....as for spurs it was down to the players....we should have whacked villa and qpr to name but two....and now .this begs the question concerning modric,bale adebayor.....they want glory as well as a hefty wage packet......sombre times ahead...

    • Well i'm certainley not asking for Redknapp to be replaced. I value what he's done at WHL the last few seasons very highly.
      As a Spurs fan for over 30 years, I know all too well that a great manager is hard to find.
      What I am venting my frustrations at is his gutless decision to settle for a draw when a draw left our position very vulnerable, and a win was vital in a game that we were well on top.

      Yes the team must take a big chunk of the blame for the lacklustre performances in recent months, but again it was Harrys bad decisions to let squad members go in January and not bring in sufficient cover for players that are playing week in and week out.
      A great man manager our Harry is, but not so when it comes to the squad or tactical ability.

      Now what we need is for Redknapp and Levy to go all out to bring in quality players this summer and not phaff about too much when it comes to transfer fees!

    • And if Chelsea had lost, who would you have leading us into the CL next season?

    • And what of the 6 points dropped against QPR and Norwich? Think people are getting too hung up on the Villa game.

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      • And what of the 12 points dropped against the Mancs?

        Ofcourse QPR and Norwich were massive points lost!

        The fact is... Villa was the penultimate game of the season. And even after a terrible 3 months for Spurs... the chance was still there to grab 3rd and a certain CL spot.
        The game at VIlla was not just about 1pt or 3pts... it was the mentality of Redknapp to leave our position to chance and hope for results elsewhere to go our way when actually it didn't need to that way if he played the odds and went for it.

        Well he bottled it and hoped that the Ar$e and Chelsea would bottle it too... But as it turned out, they wanted it more than he did.

        No matter what anyone says... After all the crappy performances and results since february, the game at Villa sticks in the throat the most for me.

        It's the mentality of that 1-1 more than the result.