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  • HighRoadJohn HighRoadJohn May 20, 2012 00:48 Flag

    Thanks Harry...

    Since you came to this club, we have played football in the true tradition of THFC, you took us from bottom...two points from eight games, to eighth beating Arsenal and Liverpool on the way, since then, we have finished Fifth and fourth twice, and two FA cup semis. Anyone who doesn't think that was not an improvement on the mid-table dross that was there before MJ and after Oneday Ramos might as well go and support a Manc Club or Arsenal. One mistake against Villa, and it seems that you aren't good enough. It wasn't your fault that top four wouldn't get us CL football, it was Chelsea's, but you will shoulder the burden from the ingrates. We are a top four club under HR for the second time, and if that's not good enough for some deluded fans on here,who accuse others of being deluded for wanting top three, he might as well retire and get Allardyce to take over.

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    • HRJ..... Thought Rooney was the one for a couple more PROS lol....and the CONS come to that...............

    • HighRoadJohn one mistake against ville? one mistake? what season have you just watched? we threw away about 10 games this season we should have won got spanked by our biggest rivals the gooners spanked by chelski & Citeh

      So by wanting more from my club im being deluded? so should we setlle evey season for finishing 4th and being a feeder club for the Manc's? or any other club with a oil tycoon billionaire for an owner? is this your vision for our great clubs future? settle for second best?

      You maybe happy to settle for being a nearly team but i personally am not Harry has to go he cannot take us forward

    • My argument is, top four is an achievement for Spurs and Redknapp regardless of the rewards. We were very unlucky not to get CL. We are now a top four club. I thought we had a shot at the title in the winter, I was wrong. I was hoping for third, and I was wrong. Since the effing emirates game we went on the slide, but picked up to stay top four. We are just unlucky not to get CL. Harry has a got a few things wrong, yes. But he has got a lot right too, and I for one appreciate what he has done. As i said...I'm gutted that we are not going into the CL qualifiers after the season we've had, but I'm proud that Harry has got us into the top four again, and not only just, but by a mile!

    • "One mistake against Villa, and it seems that you aren't good enough"

      if u are that biased towards harry than lets end the debate now!

      he made a lot of mistakes especially during our bad run since xmas. he made lots of mistakes last yr when we didnt finish top 4. also he has made quite a few mistakes in the transfer market as well.

      but no your right. it was just the villa game where he made a mistake!

    • COYS...always!!