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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 May 20, 2012 00:53 Flag

    So, for 2011-12 4th is the new 5th

    Tough break, but i saw it coming...anyway, we move on. It'll be interesting to see what movements happen during the off-season; I'm sure the press have already got Bale and Modric off to somewhere else...probably Walker too.

    Oh, well, as I'm a grown lad now I'm not going to let the Chavs CL win spoil my summer (congratualtions to them).

    Hope you Spurs fans have a great summer (and as for the rest of you...well...have a good summer as well...the banter will be in full throttle come August). Oh and if anyone's in the States for the Liverpool (Baltimore, MD) game or the Red Bulls (Harrison, NJ) game...hit me up; it'd be good to meet up for a beer and a natter.

    Let the rumours begin!

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    • rambro, i think we all saw it coming before the villa game bar harry!

      u never should choose to settle for leaving fate out of your hands.

      im going to whinge for a few more days yet. then we can watch england be awful & then i can whinge again!