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  • Berkshire Yid Berkshire Yid May 20, 2012 07:18 Flag

    Harry should do the decent thing

    Disappointing season all in all threw 3rd place away
    Threw U.C.L away all because of Harry's poor
    tatics we have had so many bad results this season
    I'm now leading the chants for Harry's head on a stick

    There has been no improvement from last season Levy should
    Now sack him all he was interested in was the England job

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    • Personally I think Arry deserves at least another year. How often have we critised some other team for sacking their Manager too quickly? At least Arry has got us to a position that no other Manager has and with a limited budget, against the big spenders like Citeh, that is an acheivement we should be glad of.

      Yes I know we are all disappointed about missing out on 3rd and therefore CL football but I still think he should stay.

      Especially when you look around (realistically) at who might replace him.

      Just to finish off on that Villa result - as has been pointed out by others, especially John, the 2 points lost in that game were no more important for example as the 3 we lost at home to Norwich. As a fact that has to be accepted. However, the difference is we knew what the situation was when playing Villa. 3 points put us in control of our own fate. It was a massive game for that reason. Unless you had a crystal ball on April 9th against Norwich you would not have known how important those points were eventually going to be.

      So, because of that, I think Arry let us all down by not going for it against Villa. He has been exposed before with his tactics and he himself confesses to being a bit thick, but in his defence, he does get some great performances out of players that other Managers might not so swings and roundabouts eh!

      Transfers? As has been pointed out, all Arry does is indicate what players he would like. Levy then takes over but if he considers the price too high or the salary being asked ridiculous then he says no. I think that is a fair way of dealing with it. Sometimes that means missing out but I would rather that than have some illiterate Manager like Arry in charge of who we buy and at what cost. Blimey, he would spend money like water not knowing, nor probably caring very much, about the future financial position of the club. If it worked he would be a short term hero and if it didn't he would still be a multi millionaire in 5 years time spending half the year in Monaco and the other half on telly giving us all the benefit of his wisdom.

    • "Poor transfer dealing for the last 2 seasons we have needed a quality replacement for king did he sign one? did he hell pulled out of paying more money for Cahill instead we got Saha a signing that 100% astounded me i mean why? we finally got rid of pav and we bring in Saha is there a blind man running the team? "

      Why are you assuming it all comes down to Harry with regards to transfers? Levy holds the purse strings. If Levy doesn't release the funds Harry isn't signing anyone, and honestly none of us know what funds were available beyond what we paid out this past January.

      Look back to two January's ago with the whole Robbie to Celtic deal - we could have sold him for 8M but Levy insisted on 10M - 18 months later he goes to the MLS for 3.8M. How long did it take to move Pav on because Levy valued him at 15M+? And what was the final sale price: 9M!

      If Harry has been told to sell before he can buy then he's at even more of a disadvantage because he now has to try and sell at what Levy values the players at, not at what he, himself feels might be a reasonable price tag.

      Throw in the constraints of a small stadium and Levy focused on putting up a new stadium and where does that leave Harry?

      One question though would we have been better taking the Defoe plus 10M offer for Cahill back in August and sticking with Keane?

    • To all those who want Redknapp out, I say...be careful what you wish for. Who do we want at the Lane? Let's see - McLeish? McCarthy? Keane?...they're available, or maybe we could tempt someone like Holloway away. Any one of those could secure us a mid-table place. Or maybe we could go really exotic and get some one who has won the Albanian league twice. The best we could hope for is maybe O'Neil, but is he any better than Redknapp? Not in my opinion. Sack a manager to improve a club's fortunes, yes, but unless we get Mourinho or Pep (yeah, that's going to happen!) we might as well try to go forward with Harry. Just how I personally feel abou things and not intended as a statement of fact.

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      • Just noticed this thread... and I only just now posted my thoughts on the matter in another. So i'll copy & paste it here :)

        Well i'm certainly not asking for Redknapp to be replaced. I value what he's done at WHL the last few seasons very highly.
        As a Spurs fan for over 30 years, I know all too well that a great manager is hard to find.
        What I am venting my frustrations at is his gutless decision to settle for a draw when a draw left our position very vulnerable, and a win was vital in a game that we were well on top.

        Yes the team must take a big chunk of the blame for the lacklustre performances in recent months, but again it was Harrys bad decisions to let squad members go in January and not bring in sufficient cover for players that are playing week in and week out.
        A great man manager our Harry is, but not so when it comes to the squad or tactical ability.

        Now what we need is for Redknapp and Levy to go all out to bring in quality players this summer and not phaff about too much when it comes to transfer fees!