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  • john john May 21, 2012 12:16 Flag

    Monday morning mad musings!

    If Chelsea come calling for Modder's again, then I would say Torres + £10m. Offer Torres £80,000pw + £15m " signing on fee " so it equate's to £130,000pw over 3-4yr contract so we dont break wage ceiling. I think Modder's will definately go this time, so at least get someone who we know can be lethal when on form, and as we know, there's no pressure on him to score as long as he assist's the team overall, so would be a regular starter. No CL but he can see were close.

    • Remmah,

      I think Luka will go to Manchester or abroad, Chelsea have already signed Marin fro Bremen, they have Mata, I can't see where Luka would fit in. Man U are desperate for a player like Luka.

      I'd rather Sturridge than Torres.