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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS May 24, 2012 14:32 Flag

    Monday morning mad musings!

    You are correct, i am seemingly in the minority. I have yet to hear a sound argument against what i believe though. Those Arsenal fans who wrote Wenger off early season were left with egg all over their faces,not me. My opinion is sound and correct and far from 'rubbish', no matter what you or others may believe (and you are welcome to that opinion BTW).

    I was talking to my Yiddish brother on the phone earlier, he was absolutely slating Redknapp and recalled the Villa game and Redknapps dire choice of substitution. He reckoned the commentators themselves were astonished at Harrys choices during the game. I argued in favour of Harry, believe it or not, i asked how could he question the guy after the improvement to the Spurs team. He was steadfast in his belief that Harry should be kicked out the Spurs door ASAP for letting Arsenal grab third. He believes the Spurs improvement is over hyped and cited the failings of Lpool, Chelsea and Arsenal as being the real reason Spurs seemed to fare so well. He has a valid argument IMO.

    He also said he would take Wenger over Redknapp any day of the week.

    I'm not on a wind up BTW. I was sincerely surprised to hear him express that opinion ( though i found gratification in his words).

    Unless there is a seachange at Arsenal/Spurs, if i were a betting man i know who i would be putting my money on finishing highest in the Prem next season.

    Who would you Mr Harmsworth?


    Hope your day is good BTW and you are able to enjoy the Weather.

    Mr G.