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  • Sfer Sfer May 25, 2012 11:07 Flag

    Monday morning mad musings!

    So Fab, whether or not you regard Whingers reign as a success or not comes down to if you see competing in (but not winning) the CL a "success"?

    Given the promise of Ar$e and the play that they used to grace us with, IMO that is not success. That my friend is failure.

    Part of the problem is Whingers arrogance. The guy believes his own hype to the point that, when under immense pressure from the fans to improve the squad, he refuses to a point of getting to the cliff edge and then panic buys flops like Mertesaker and Gervinho.

    I note you have not picked up the bit about the weakness in depth of the Ar$e squad and I take that as recognition that it is true. When Ar$E had a few injuries the weakness in dep[th was there for all to see. Citeh, Manure and Chelski (to a lesser extent) were all able to bring in players that did an ok job. I would even go so far as to say Spurs coped better than Ar$e in that respect and THAT is why (along with the fact that Ar$e are not playing the beautiful game that they were once capable of) I am saying that Spurs are in a better position than Ar$e to take advantage of next season.

    Generous of you to admit the lack of atmosphere at The Emirates. I won't mind Spurs taking ages to get our ground sorted out as long as they get that bit right. After all, you are playing at that ground for many, many years to come and who wants to go every week to a ground that stinks!!

    Have a great day!