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  • sledge sledge May 21, 2012 09:43 Flag

    Monday morning mad musings!

    According to todays headlines, it seems both Torres and Berbatov are unhappy at their current clubs.

    Torres has been out of sorts for the last 2 years, and ofcourse Berbs behaved like a $hit to force a move away from Spurs to Man Utd, and that makes many of us fans sick at the sight of him.
    Having said that, both are undeniably world class strikers who are hungry to get back to scoring ways.
    I'm pretty certain neither would want to come to Spurs, and I doubt Chelsea or Man Utd would sell to us anyway... also, it's unlikely we could afford either anyway.
    But one does like to dream on a monday morning ;)

    Would you take them? We are desperatly short upfront and i'm not sure we could attract any of the other players we've been previously linked with from abroad.

    Perhaps they'd take a punt on our exciting squad and feel they could prosper at WHL knowing they'd be guaranteed first team football.

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    • Sledge,

      I think you're right, neither would be interested, no CL football, a serious wage drop and seemingly our better players could be on their way.

      Shame because we are desperate for a class CF- Ade will probably leave due to wages, Defoe may leave due to not being given enough opportunities, Saha should go and VDV is a DM- not a CF!

      But whilst we're dreaming, I'd take either of them in a heart beat.

      Sadly I think we are more likely to be linked with Grant Holt.


    • You couldn't afford Adebayor. What makes you think Torres would be more affordable?

      Of course, there's the small issue that you wont be playing CL next year, which may restrict who will come.

      Vertonghen may yet be changing his mind by deciding he actually has ambition and therefore wants to come to The Emirates.

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      • Oh dear, you really think Arsenal have any more ambition than Spurs? Failing to keep hold of your best players, lack of investment in the transfer market, last trophy success 7 years ago?

        Yes I grant that you pipped us to 3rd but given we were only 1 point behind you this season whereas nowhere near last season, I'd be mindful about your team's own ambitions before talking about ours!! :)

    • If Chelsea come calling for Modder's again, then I would say Torres + £10m. Offer Torres £80,000pw + £15m " signing on fee " so it equate's to £130,000pw over 3-4yr contract so we dont break wage ceiling. I think Modder's will definately go this time, so at least get someone who we know can be lethal when on form, and as we know, there's no pressure on him to score as long as he assist's the team overall, so would be a regular starter. No CL but he can see were close.

    • I'm on my way out so this has to be brief! (thank goodness i hear you cry).

      For all Wengers promise he has delivered nothing????

      He has 'delivered' CL football, EVERY year!!! That's no mean feat Sfer. Sure he hasn't won a trophy but with the cash being banded about in recent years by teh likes of Chelski and City and United it's hardly surprising is it? Wenger has ALWAYS produced teams that could compete. With a bit more fortune Arsenal would have had that Prem during the barren period. Only one team can win unfortunately.

      Emirates atmosphere is dire most of the time. You feel totally out of place when you jump up and scream at the top of your lungs "KICK THE F*CKING THING YOU C*NT!" Tiss a great shame.

      Right i'm off (Hmmm.... wonder if i can score myself some morphine).

    • Oh contrare Sfer, i think it's just a tadd early to be judging the likes of Mertesaker and Gervinho as 'bad buys', what with both having played only a slice of a season in the Premier league.

      True, there are Arsenal fans who are calling for Wenger to be replaced. There are Spurs fans asking the same of Redknapp, United fans the same of Ferguson. They are welcome to their opinion. I'll sit here safe and smug in the knowledge that nobody who really counts is listening to them so far as Wenger is concerned.

      I would love RVP to stay at Arsenal but if he goes he goes. Others have gone before and Arsenal have survived. A single player doesn't make a team. The man at the helm does.

      Wenger has been SUPERB.

    • Mertesaker is far too slow for the PL and you know it. He was a panic buy by Whinger when the fans were revolting - as they usually are. He won't make the grade and my money is on him going before the end of next season.

      Gervinho - what a joke he is. And not just his hair. He is just out of his depth. Weak and lost.

      How you can even write that Spurs are a few years behind Ar$e I don't know. 1 point behind and on the up whilst Ar$e are on the way down in terms of style and squad depth. You know that I used to be quite happy saying that I enjoyed watching Ar$e play, it was a pleasure, but not anymore. Average and very lucky. You didn't play FANTASTIC football at any point last year. Your season was epitomised by that last game which you did not deserve to draw let alone win. WBA conspired to give the 3 points away and you are dreaming if you think anything different.

      Your musings are those of a drowning man Fab. One that really, really wants to believe what they are saying but deep down................
      your stomach is churning.

    • Then you are one of very, very few Fab. There are not even many Ar$e fans that believe the rubbish you are spouting.

    • Nope. It really was nothing of the sort.

    • I forgot to add....

      Another factor to take into consideration............

      Last season (2011-12) Spurs rested all their key players for a league game per week last season, whilst the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, City and manUre who were involved in the CL group stages had no choice but to use key players in CL games and league games.

      The above factor in addition to Arsenal having a nightmare start to their season most probably explain the one point difference between Arsenal and Spurs last season. Let's not forget that Spurs finished FIFTH in the table in 2010-11 when they had to joggle CL duties with league games.

    • ''produced some truly FANTASTIC football. Football that any Arsenal side of yesteryear would have been proud of''.

      utter tosh you woofta. since you beat the spuds:
      QPR loss
      Wigan loss (at home)
      Chelsea draw
      Stoke draw (at home)
      Norwich draw (at home)

      hardly the stuff of dreams now is it?


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