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  • sledge sledge May 21, 2012 09:43 Flag

    Monday morning mad musings!

    According to todays headlines, it seems both Torres and Berbatov are unhappy at their current clubs.

    Torres has been out of sorts for the last 2 years, and ofcourse Berbs behaved like a $hit to force a move away from Spurs to Man Utd, and that makes many of us fans sick at the sight of him.
    Having said that, both are undeniably world class strikers who are hungry to get back to scoring ways.
    I'm pretty certain neither would want to come to Spurs, and I doubt Chelsea or Man Utd would sell to us anyway... also, it's unlikely we could afford either anyway.
    But one does like to dream on a monday morning ;)

    Would you take them? We are desperatly short upfront and i'm not sure we could attract any of the other players we've been previously linked with from abroad.

    Perhaps they'd take a punt on our exciting squad and feel they could prosper at WHL knowing they'd be guaranteed first team football.

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    • Arsenal are reasonably strong squad wise, room for tweaking admittedly. I don't think ANY club could have coped well with the amount of injuries Arsenal have suffered in recent and indeed successive seasons. Every team has injuries, not every team suffers to the extent Arsenal have recently though. That is plain fact.

      I have heard the 'we suffered too' argument a million times, from supporters from many clubs. Sorry, but how many finished a season with 13 first choice players missing? Or a whole backline plus preffered replacements missing? Not many i bet.

      Arsenal have a stronger and far superior squad to Spurs IMO.

      The Emirates itself is a fine stadium. One of the best. The clubs policies around matchday certainly do not help the atmosphere. The ticket price doesn't help either IMO. All prawn munchers or middle class mums with kids for the most part these days.Fill the stands with the working classes again and then see it rock!

      I certainly feel something has been lost. Even though Highbury was known as the library!

      Ah well.

    • So Fab, whether or not you regard Whingers reign as a success or not comes down to if you see competing in (but not winning) the CL a "success"?

      Given the promise of Ar$e and the play that they used to grace us with, IMO that is not success. That my friend is failure.

      Part of the problem is Whingers arrogance. The guy believes his own hype to the point that, when under immense pressure from the fans to improve the squad, he refuses to a point of getting to the cliff edge and then panic buys flops like Mertesaker and Gervinho.

      I note you have not picked up the bit about the weakness in depth of the Ar$e squad and I take that as recognition that it is true. When Ar$E had a few injuries the weakness in dep[th was there for all to see. Citeh, Manure and Chelski (to a lesser extent) were all able to bring in players that did an ok job. I would even go so far as to say Spurs coped better than Ar$e in that respect and THAT is why (along with the fact that Ar$e are not playing the beautiful game that they were once capable of) I am saying that Spurs are in a better position than Ar$e to take advantage of next season.

      Generous of you to admit the lack of atmosphere at The Emirates. I won't mind Spurs taking ages to get our ground sorted out as long as they get that bit right. After all, you are playing at that ground for many, many years to come and who wants to go every week to a ground that stinks!!

      Have a great day!

    • ''Emirates atmosphere is dire most of the time. You feel totally out of place when you jump up and scream at the top of your lungs "KICK THE F*CKING THING YOU C*NT!" Tiss a great shame.''

      how would you know pixie, you've only been to one pre season friendly (coz the tickets are cheaper) and even then you ended up in a gay bar by your own admission!

      still you are right about the emirates. worse fans in the prem.

      much sagacious love.

    • I'm on my way out so this has to be brief! (thank goodness i hear you cry).

      For all Wengers promise he has delivered nothing????

      He has 'delivered' CL football, EVERY year!!! That's no mean feat Sfer. Sure he hasn't won a trophy but with the cash being banded about in recent years by teh likes of Chelski and City and United it's hardly surprising is it? Wenger has ALWAYS produced teams that could compete. With a bit more fortune Arsenal would have had that Prem during the barren period. Only one team can win unfortunately.

      Emirates atmosphere is dire most of the time. You feel totally out of place when you jump up and scream at the top of your lungs "KICK THE F*CKING THING YOU C*NT!" Tiss a great shame.

      Right i'm off (Hmmm.... wonder if i can score myself some morphine).

    • Yes he is ok thanks, Sore and in pain but dosed up with morphine so he doesn't care much!

      We can all say we need that or this to improve our team but one of the reasons I don't think Ar$e are as good as they were is the fact that the squad has no quality in depth. Hence the por performances when you had a few injuries.

      All teams have injuries so you can't say you suffered anymore than most others it's just that you didn't have the quality to come in and do a good job.

      As for your brothers comments on Parker - yes I can see where he is coming from. I remember the stick Ray Wilkins got (the Crab!) for always going sideways and never forward with his passes and Parker is a bit the same except when he does pass forward he is not as good as I would like. But he is in the team primarily to break up play and he does that very well. He makes me laugh when, towards the end of a game when we are losing, he makes these long, crazy runs towards the goal and ends up nowhere or running off the park. Bless him, at least he is trying and I would rather that than someone with no passion.

      As for the ground, yes we desperately need to get that sorted but hopefully if they take the time they will end up getting it right and have a stadium that has some atmosphere unlike what you have ended up with. Again, your own fans comments not mine - I have never been there nor would want to.

      Its no surprise Whinger is getting the stick he is. For all the promise - he has delivered nothing in 8 years and much of that is down to his transfer policy. And the sad thing is, the odds are against you winning anything again next year. Not saying we will either before you have a go, but Citeh and the Manc teams will be odds on to win the PL and the FA Cup and I just cannot see that Ar$e squad being able to keep up.

      I can't put my finger on it Fab but for me Ar$e have lost that touch of magic, much like Pool but they have lost a whole shed load of magic. As I said, I used to love watching them play, and I would admit that openly, but not anymore. I honestly think they lost that style when Fabregas left and I can't see anyone bringing it back.

    • Firstly, i hope your lad is OK. Ouch!

      I do not believe Arsenal played 'well' last season, for the most part anyway. I actually think they were pretty bloody awful for large parts.The teams form was extremely sporadic. However, i do believe they played very well for a period. That period began half time against Spurs.That period more or less ended once Arsenal had gained the initiative over Spurs, they slackened (Same could be said about United, once they believed they had the beating of City surely?).
      Arsenal lost almost a WHOLE central midfield and also were missing the majority of their defensive unit at the beginning of the season. Results picked up when Sagna returned, along with other members of the defence (also around the time of the Spurs game).

      I didn't cite my brothers opinion to vindicate my own, not really anyway. I wrote that mainly because i was surprised to hear it (especially from him!) and because i had spoken to him only an hour or so before.

      He also stated that in his opinion, unless Spurs sort out a stadium in the very near future, they will be left behind. I remarked that i thought Spurs were bound to fall behind even if they did sort out the stadium as the club would have to take time to acclimatise to their new surroundings.

      He also surprised me with his opinion on Scott Parker BTW. He reckons he gives the ball away far too much. He's a big fan of Sandro (he thought Spurs were much better with him in the team) and Huddlestone.

      He also claimed Song was a one trick pony, which goes to show he doesn't know as much as he likes to believe he does.

      The Arsenal fans that are waging war against Wenger all have one thing in common IMO, they don't take into account the full picture. For example, they seem to think that having your whole backline change weekly due to injury and playing with a midfield wholly unused to playing with each other is not a reason for sub standard performance by a team. They seem also to think that confidence doesn't really matter much.

      That's the impression i glean of their learned opinion anyway.

      Wenger and Arsenal were absolutely wonderful in a season begat with dire fortune IMO.

      I honestly do not think Arsenal are in as big a fix as some would have you believe. Crikey they whine on about the defence and then all they seem to want is Squillaci replaced! He's the f*cking FIFTH CHOICE CB!!!!!!

    • Yes you are VERY much in the minority so surely you must see that many others believe you to be wrong about how well Ar$e played last year. These are other Ar$e fans by the way. Even if somebody did come up with a valid argument (and there have been a few) you would say they are wrong anyway so to say that they are not valid is a mute point.

      We could all come up with stories of other people who, surprisingly, say exactly what you want to hear.

      As I have said, I think Arry got it wrong against Villa but also I think he should have more time as he deserves at least that. How can you say that Whinger is worth that given you have won nothing, nothing in what, 8 years is it now? I could probably find a few Spurs fans that would take Whinger over Arry but it proves nothing so your brother can say and think what he likes.

      Who would I put money on finishing next season higher? Well it depends on what happens this summer to a large degree. If Ar$e don't buy at least 3 top class, proven players and they lose RVP - and if Spurs hold on to Bale & Modric plus add a couple of other top players - then I would definitely put my money on Spurs.

      If on the other hand the teams remain roughly the same as they are now then I would still put money on Spurs who are improving whilst Ar$e are declining. To be fair, if Ar$e spend and Spurs lose key players then obviously I might not want to take that bet.

      Am stuck in an office so not enjoying the weather and to top that off I am now on my way to hospital where my son is having an emergency appendix op. Isn't life grand!

    • You are correct, i am seemingly in the minority. I have yet to hear a sound argument against what i believe though. Those Arsenal fans who wrote Wenger off early season were left with egg all over their faces,not me. My opinion is sound and correct and far from 'rubbish', no matter what you or others may believe (and you are welcome to that opinion BTW).

      I was talking to my Yiddish brother on the phone earlier, he was absolutely slating Redknapp and recalled the Villa game and Redknapps dire choice of substitution. He reckoned the commentators themselves were astonished at Harrys choices during the game. I argued in favour of Harry, believe it or not, i asked how could he question the guy after the improvement to the Spurs team. He was steadfast in his belief that Harry should be kicked out the Spurs door ASAP for letting Arsenal grab third. He believes the Spurs improvement is over hyped and cited the failings of Lpool, Chelsea and Arsenal as being the real reason Spurs seemed to fare so well. He has a valid argument IMO.

      He also said he would take Wenger over Redknapp any day of the week.

      I'm not on a wind up BTW. I was sincerely surprised to hear him express that opinion ( though i found gratification in his words).

      Unless there is a seachange at Arsenal/Spurs, if i were a betting man i know who i would be putting my money on finishing highest in the Prem next season.

      Who would you Mr Harmsworth?


      Hope your day is good BTW and you are able to enjoy the Weather.

      Mr G.

    • Then you are one of very, very few Fab. There are not even many Ar$e fans that believe the rubbish you are spouting.

    • Nope. It really was nothing of the sort.

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