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  • Jlock Jlock May 22, 2012 16:06 Flag

    WOW 4th spot

    3 pts is 3 pts,and 0 pts is 0pts whenever you get them. So a win against Citeh or Utd or QPR or Norwich or.... was just as valuable as a win against Villa.
    The difference is how many point are left to play for - so people tend to see a loss earlier in the season as not as important as later as there are fewer points left to win at the end (and that you can 'make up' points lost from earlier on - which is not quite true). If anyone wants to see the points at the end of the season as being more important than those at the beginning or middle or... then that's up to them.

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    • Take no notice of that idiot John. Everybody knows what a tw4tt he is.

      I have tried before to lay out the logic of the argument that 3pts when you know what the outcome will be, as opposed to 3pts when you are not aware, is more important but you are determined to see it as a black & white issue. If that were really the case then when we lost of even drew an early season game then surely there would have been as much criticism of Arry at that point. But there wasn't was there.

      Thats because it IS different. 3rd was in our hands against Villa but it wasn't against Norwich. Arry knew this but chose to stick with the draw.

      If everybody accepted your way of thinking about this type of situation i.e. 3pts at any stage of the season is as important as at the end, then how boring would that be!!! No excitement as the season draws to a close because the excitement is stretched out throughout the season. Thats rubbish and even you know it John. The reason we all get even more excited towards the end of the season is because each game, and each 3pts becomes more important as we see the finish line.

      If you can't see that then I feel sorry for you as it must be quite boring in the Locke household as you contemplate the 3pts lost in the first game of the season as if it was "critical" and the majority of the rest of us get all wound up about that last kick which should have gone in and secured us CL football or the own goal that means so much to our future. No, I prefer it our way John.

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      • Sfer,
        But if you're after winning the league, you know that you'll have to get what 90pts? To get 4th it's been around 70 pts. You know, ie you should be (and if the manager is good - must be) aware, at the start of the season what the target is. So you are aware of how important it is of say losing at home to Norwich - I was, I bet 'arry was, I bet Wenger was. The quicker you get to that target the better (same for 40pts give or take for relegation).
        So, the pressure IS there from the start of the season (I actually still heave a sigh of relief when we get past 40).
        IMHO, I think, because of what we'd become (ie inconsistent) we saw 3pts here and 3pts there as 'good'.
        BUT that isn't the case to get consistent 4th - you need to be roughly aiming to win all home games (57 pts) and drawing the aways (19 pts) - that gives a bit of leeway.

        I know it feels more important as the season closes - I feel it as well - I'm not disputing was something feels like or appears to be, but as I say, that is just the illusion. Much the same as seeing people in the distance and walking towards them. They actually stay the same size (amazing eh? ;-)), but appear to grow in stature as you approach.

        I'm going to curb my replies as my New Year's resolution. I'll track my posts on any one thread and limit myself to 3 - to save keep repeating the same stuff. This is three+ here. So I'm not being 'rude' if I don't reply (and I'm not ducking any issues!).