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  • Layla Layla May 23, 2012 18:40 Flag

    WOW 4th spot

    dont waste so much of your breath like i did with john.

    we have all tryed explaining it in different ways & he still now doesnt see it or understand it!

    he basically will do anything to defend harry on this 1, even do a complete u-turn on his view on how ambitious u are.

    the fact the majority of us, other spurs fans, pundits, commentatos etc agree with us tells u something.

    john gets more silly & plays even more dumb to suit his poor arguments. thats without his silly assumptions & over exagerating.

    i saw we should settle for 4th ages ago.
    he compares that with fergie saying utd should aim to avoid relegation.

    pathetic to say the least.