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  • DEREK W DEREK W May 24, 2012 10:58 Flag

    WOW 4th spot

    everybody knows that success is BOUGHT these days.....we want a player....along come Man c,Man u ,Chelsea. with their big wages....so where is he going to go?.....not only us but the for other teams in the premier it is not a level playing field,,,,,no not jealousy,just an unfortunate fact.....if you had to bet on who would win the premier league......there are only 3 contenders.....year after year....

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    • A sad, but true, prediction Derek and you have not even factored in the bit about if any of our players are shining, then the top 3 either want to buy them or say they do just to put them off their game.

      All teams like us can do is try for that 4th spot - and I include Ar$e in that as Chelski are a stronger team who would normally be there. It was only the AVB era that put paid to that this year.

    • It's going to be the Scottish Prem all over again - that'll be real exciting, won't it.

      Let's see what effect, if any, the fair play rules (ow whatever its called that starts limiting spending to what the team can afford and still be solvent, or is it profitable) - I'm sure there are loop holes that the mega-rich will exploit though).