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  • Joe Joe May 29, 2012 16:58 Flag

    Moving message boards

    Ladies and Gents,

    I am no longer able to access the message board via the Tottenham board, has anyone else found this? Is this Yahoo, peeing about again or something else?

    I now access this via the 'More' section in the right hand corner- WTF?

    COYS- as ever!

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    • Same here i thought we had been closed down lol

    • ....looks like they're revamping the whole 'Football/Premiere League' section, as the top bar that showed all the clubs has also now gone from the EPL page....

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      • If it ain't broke........................

        DON'T FIX IT!

        Glad to see you've found the new location of the message board John, makes you wonder if the others will?

        Have you heard the VDV speculation? a £10mil bid from Shalke! I do hope not, whilst I understand the points raised concerning VDV's impact on our formation (and I agree to an extent) he's a quality footballer.

        I believe selling VDV would send out the same (negative) message as sselling Luka or Bale.

        Get your cheque book out Dan!


    • Same here Joe. The link at the top of the Spurs page has gone. I use Firefox and I don't think the issue is browser related - it looks more like a page change at Yahoo.

      There wasn't much going on anyway - Damiao offer allegedly turned down, Walker saying that a title challenge is on the cards next season (allegedly), Daffy wanting first team football, Loic Remy a target and the ongoing saga of the 'new' centre back......'arry no news on a contract....