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    Finacial Fair Play and transfers

    I may be talking to myself (which isn't new).....

    I'm a bit confused as to whan the UEFA FFP actually starts. http://www.uefa.com/uefa/footballfirst/protectingthegame/financialfairplay/index.html states:
    '......A Club Financial Control Panel has been set up to monitor and ensure that clubs adhere to the financial fair play requirements - and in May 2010, the UEFA Executive Committee approved the UEFA Club Licensing and Fair Play Regulations - which have the support of all stakeholders in European football. Financial fair play measures will be implemented over a three-year period, with the break-even assessment covering the financial years ending 2012 and 2013 assessed during 2013/14, and starting with the assessment by the Club Financial Control Panel of all transfer and employee payables in the summer of 2011.'

    So the Chavs still go out and blow £70+m in 2 minutes to capture Hazard and Hulk ('az'n'ulk) - with whatever salaries they then also command (I read £170k pw for 'az - so £8m pa - and presumably the same for 'ulk (or should I call him Al Khadir?)). How on earth can they afford salaries of £7-£8m per player when I thought the Chavs were already in deep debt (from last year - http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/a4952db2-308d-11e0-9de3-00144feabdc0.html#axzz1wX40diRc)? 'ow does this all fit?

    OK'ish post John - a bit boring.
    Thanks John.
    Think nothing of it John.
    I don't (and then I disappeared - Decartes joke again).

    Now I also read that 'arry's relationship with Levy 'as cooled

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    • this is a message for a potential signing for the new season. and his position is striker, worth around 4-5 million ponuds plays for juventus currently on loan to pescara in seria a. stats played 37 scored 28. now if this is not screaming at you that this player needs to be snaped up then god help tottenham. did i mentio he is only 21 years old. which means lots of room for improvement and a potential big star.

    • John,

      I've heard similar things regarding deadly Daniel and 'Arry, I stole this but it makes for interesting, if slightly uncomfortable reading:

      The relationship between the pair is thought to be at its lowest point following Redknapp’s public flirtation with the England job and the team’s end of season slump.

      Redknapp is believed to be concerned about whether he has the backing of the board, with Levy yet to offer him a new contract despite the fact his current deal expires next summer.

      “There is no doubt that there are some issues between them that need to be resolved,” a Tottenham insider told Goal.com. “The desire and expectation on both parts is that the talks can be positive so we can clear the air and get on with preparing for next season.”

      Levy is likely to indicate to Redknapp that he is willing to offer the 65-year-old a one-year contract extension as he looks to settle the differences that have resulted in the deterioration of their already strained relationship since February.

      The Spurs chairman believes Redknapp deserves a new deal after guiding the club to two top-four finishes in the last three seasons, even though Chelsea’s Champions League win has relegated the north London club to the Europa League next term.

      But Levy is understood to have reservations over whether Redknapp is the right man to take Spurs forward in the long-term after the side threw away a 10-point lead over Arsenal to miss out on third place in the Premier League.

      Executives at White Hart Lane feel Redknapp lost focus following the resignation of Fabio Capello as England manager in February, while concerns have been expressed about match preparation, training and tactics.

      Levy was at one stage desperate to keep Redknapp from the clutches of the Football Association and prepared a four-year contract worth £16m for the former Portsmouth boss.

      But Redknapp - who rejected those advances as he held out for an approach from the FA - would now have to settle for a maximum offer of a two-year deal on similar terms to his current salary, which is worth £3.1m plus bonuses.

      Redknapp believes such an offer would fail to recognise his achievements at Spurs since taking over when they were bottom of the league in October 2008. He has made no secret of his desire for a new contract since Roy Hodgson was appointed as the new England manager at the start of May.

      There is also tension over the club’s work in the transfer market, where Levy is driving the summer business, including a protracted pursuit of Ajax captain Jan Vertonghen, leaving Redknapp feeling isolated and out of the loop.

      There were suggestions last week that Redknapp had taken an impromptu break abroad to ‘clear his head’ amid concerns over his future and both he and Levy are keen to clear the air and move forward.

      When Redknapp was the leading candidate for the England job, Spurs made progress in sounding out a number of potential replacements. Brendan Rodgers, who is set to be appointed as Liverpool manager today, was the preferred choice while Wigan boss Roberto Martinez is also admired within White Hart Lane.


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      • Joe,
        That's akin to what I'd read. It would be a shame to lose 'arry before we can see what he's capable of - but at the moment it's all paper talk, although the bit about 'arry not having a long term contract is old'ish, so presumably founded on some sort of fact.

        Makes me laugh though, as if 'arry is doubted for throwing away a lead, what did that make of Wenger in the first place? IE how on earth did Wenger allow a 10 point gap to open. That doesn't even then factor in what Levy would have thought of AVB and 'kin Kenny - and the points wasted between the top two over the season. Would Levy have been worried over Wenger letting a 10 point gap open?

        If Levy really has doubts, then why appoint 'arry? He must have thought 'arry could achieve something - did Levy then thunk 'arry was a stop gap and only capable of getting us to the CL and no further? It seems a bit mediaesque to now report the issue on the back of a 10 point 'give-away', given that 'arry actually did get 4th anyway and has given Levy his most successful period in charge (from a league point of view).

        It just seems, because of the good start, that people forget that we did actually get top four.

        PS I was about to use this site as my personal 'blog'. I was going to have a 'thought of the day', but my mind went blank..