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    as always dos santos was superb against brazil. scored a stunner & won a pen for the 2nd goal.
    but harry would rather get saha on a free than have to play him!
    sell him harry as u obviously dont like him & are never going to give him a fair crack.

    sandro is become a regular for brazil & played well in their last few games. as it stands he is my fave spurs player unless king re-signs.

    seemless link. king is out of contract but they are negotiating a pay as u play deal which i think is fair. if he does retire, i think he would make a great defensive coach for us!

    obviously most of the transfers will happen afer the euros. so we should keep modric til after croatia get knocked out at least!

    niko,corluka,bassong,bentley,jenas & gomes are all in the shop window. the only 1 id be sad to see go is niko as he is a handy squad player. but he isnt quite good enough to be a regular starter so i can understand him going.

    england look lacklustre as always. still can hardly string a few passes together. id be very happy with QFs with this team. a red card & losing on pens will give me some comfort in sadness!

    harry is in talks over a 3yr deal. apparently levy wants to give him less due to his blunders in the last 2 seasons. tricky one for levy. unless he can get a top top manager (jose,pep etc) than id stick with harry for next season. moyes is the only 1 i think we can get, & that would be a gamble.

    im over harrys weak stupidity against villa!
    i only think about it a couple of times a day now!

    what was he thinking! no, i need to stop!

    i will accept his stupid mistake if he learns from it!
    dont stay stubborn harry!
    nothing wrong in saying u made a mistake.
    even the top 1 does. fergie only just realising his CMs are far too weak fo a club like them.

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    • I saw the highlights for the Brazil v Mexico game the other day.
      Dos Santos confirming what I already thought about him, the lad is fantastic! What a brilliant goal he scored, reminded me a little of the Hoddle goal against Watford all those years ago. That was a fantastic finish, and ofcourse winning that penalty as you mentioned SB. He's a real livewire when on the ball and tends to create something more often than not.
      How or why Harry ignores Gio is a mystery to me and many other GDS admirers. I'm fed up listening to all the crappy excuses of that he keeps going out and getting drunk at clubs and has an issue with turning up for training on time.
      He's been at Spurs what! 4 years now?
      And in all seriousness, not one person at the club (particularly Harry) could not get through to him?
      I thought Harry was the "Man Manager" extraordinaire!
      Surely if the guy is so lacking in discipline, would he not be in breach of his contract regarding fitness is integral to professional sport?
      If Balotelli, Tevez and even Barton keep playing so regularly for their clubs, how come Gio doesn't even get a look in at Spurs?
      I cannot imagine that Gio behaves less appropriately than that lot!

      If the matter is simply that Harry does not rate Gio, then I fail to understand how he can think players like an old, injured Saha, Joe Cole, Beckham would improve us. How does he keep expecting to push us on forward when he keeps looking to the past?

      As for Niko! I hope he stays too. If we do lose Modric (which looks likely), and should vdV decide to go back to Germany, we're going to be desperately short of creativity in the middle.

      Harry and Levy need to have a serious talk. Harry needs to show total commitment to THFC especially now that we know that he'll never get the England job.
      Levy needs to decide how far he wants to take Spurs as a team. Is he happy to merely challenge for 4th each season, or does he want trophies? He really needs to set targets with Redknapp and back him.

      As a lifelong fan, I felt we let the best opportunity to win the EPL fall away with a whimper. I felt that the board and the manager didn't want it enough, for they simply ignored the chance to strengthen the squad in January and take advantage of our surprisingly good form till then.
      And yes I know January is the toughest of the transfer windows to do any meaningful business, but we don't seem to do much better in the summer one anyway.

      Also now there's too much haggling over a couple of million when it comes to much needed quality and reinforcements at CB and Strikers.
      It's early in the window I know, but we seem to have formed some kind of ludicrous habit lately of waiting till the very end to make things happen... only for it to fail to materialize at all (VdV excepted ofcourse).

      The lack of action in the transfer windows over the last 2 years finally caught up with us in February and coupled with the England manager debacle, put an end to our hopes of qualifying for CL. The last few months could well have set us back a year or two... we need to do some big things this summer to prepare well for the new season. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but I won't hold my breath.

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      • Maybe Two Saints 'attitude' is just one aspect? Although I've seen him play well for Mexico, I've also seen him play not so well, and so far I don't recall him playing well for us.
        You could attribute his poorer showings for us to lack of pitch minutes, but if that is the case, how does he then manage to perform for Mexico?
        I'd like to see him given some more time, but it's up to him to then grab the opportunities and show, whoever the manager is, what he can do.