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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 6, 2012 17:59 Flag

    Mr. Levy is causing too much hassle

    Once again Mr. Levy is playing the "wait and see policy" which he thinks is the best (cheapest) method he can employ to get the last minute deals he uses every transfer and end of season periods. Doesn't he realise that this is the surest way to lose any star buys on the market and the reason so many of the Tottenham players will probably leave the club as soon as they can. He may think he can keep doing this as a way to get "bargains" but you only get what you pay for. His brilliant methods cost Spurs 3rd place and may lose Harry Redknapp. I think he may believe he's budgeting wisely but I think he's the reason we can't get the success we used to have in the 60's when players were bought if the manager wanted them regardless of cost.

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