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    Expectation - is it self fulfilling?

    I read a couple of weeks back that Kyle Walker thinks we can push for the title next season (http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/kyle-walker-eyes-premier-league-title-charge-with-tottenham-7788780.html)

    ...and I read today that Rooney thinks we stand a chance at the Euros.

    You all know my thoughts on expectation - so do you think that expectation drives success or vice-versa?
    IE are Kyle/Rooney simply heading for a fall because they have aimed too high? AND why then do you think they set their sights high?

    In a similar vein, if your or my expectations differ from Kyle's/Rooney's, then who is to say which expectation (especially at this stage) is the best to have?

    Does having the high expectation engender a better attitude than a low or medium expectation? And when does not having a high enough expectation become 'defeatism'? IE you go onto the pitch not expecting to win (that is more relevant to the short Euro campaign I think)?

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    • Why go on the pitch if you are in that mindset.

      I have said for years Spurs main problem is they either think the team that they're playing is a walkover or, if 1 of the top 5 or 6, that is doesn't matter what they do they won't win.

      I thought that had change last season until February when it appeared to have returned.
      Not sure if the ref comes into that equation as well. ie if it's Webb or Foy etc we won't win!!!

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      • LTS,
        Odd though how expectation can be both a good and bad thing.

        A total lack of belief, and you become easy prey - a defeatist, and over belief and you think you're a world beater when you're not - overly 'cocky'.

        My expectation changed over the past few seasons (including and since Jol) - mainly as I've seen us play 'better' against the top teams. Where before, I used to have a feeling of dread when the 'big' games came up, I now look forward to them as the test of how far we've come. And the past few seasons have shown (despite a couple of blips) IMO that we have moved up a rung or two.

        Personally, I think I would have preferred to hear the 'title challenge' bit from an older and wiser head than Kyle, as really the only squad he's had experience of is ours. If VdV or Gallas came out and said '... I think we have the squad to challenge...', then I would have given that more credence given their experience. Bit, I think it's good that the atmosphere (at least with Kyle) wasn't damaged by the way the results went in the second half of the season.