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  • Jlock Jlock Jun 10, 2012 09:45 Flag

    'arry the pundit and players in the shop window

    I thought 'arry was quite open again yesterday afternoon/evening. Presumably that didn't go down too well with a few people here.
    It will also be interesting to see which players come out of this tournament with heightened reputations.
    The Croatia game today will be one to watch. How many clubs in the UK would still want/need Modders? I would guess though, that if he does well and his value goes up, Levy et al (you can't have a superhero without a sidekick), will be willing to listen to offers. I like Modric, and I think he's a clever player, but I don't see that brilliant playmaker that everyone else sees. Even pre VdV, he wasn't a player who got on the score sheet or came up with assists.
    My concern with buying/selling is probably the same as most - I just hope that if we do sell (and Krancjar has already gone), that we have players lined up to fill the void and that we don't sell at the last minute without any time then left to buy in.

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    • Can't, and don't want to, compete length wise but just a couple of points -

      When Arry did not get the offer of the England job you could see quite plainly on his face that he was gutted despite what he said to the press at the time. His rhetoric since has been to try and save face but there is no doubt in my mind that he would have taken the job if it had been offered. So, that means he did not worry about the day to day player contact then and is only using that as a red herring.

      And if he was so worried about only having a year left on his contract why wasn't he pushing Levy for a new deal before the England job even became vacant? It was only a few weeks later and that should not have made a difference.

      I used to have a lot of time for Arry and was delighted when he took over but the last few months have made me change my mind. I now don't trust him and trust is everything because there is not anything else honourable you can hang on to in football.

      Why is Levy not rushing to offer Arry a contract extension? Because he feels betrayed as well. If Arry REALLY wants the job (after the way he has handled the whole affair) he should be kneeling at Levy's door pleading for it - not using the press to make it look like Spurs are being nasty to him. Add to that the fact that IMO he was the reason we didn't get 3rd (which we should have got but for the blunders in tactics) and I for one would not mind if he went - depending on who we got to replace him of course.

    • For those who didn't see the 'arry / Lineker 'chat', here it is:

      He sounds relieved in a way that he wasn't offered. You have to listen to more than the first few words - as 'arry tends to do what 'arry does - open with a '...for sure' type statement, and then qualifies his position. I don't think he's trying to 'con' or 'be clever' - it's just the way he seems to have always expressed himself.

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      • Slightly confusing,

        Harry admits he would have taken the role had he been offered it (I think most of us would have guessed that anyway), yet says he's glad he wasn't offered the role. Stating he would miss the day-to-day of club football, so why not rule himself out immediately if that is so important to him?

        He says it could be a poison chalice (due to most people writing our chances off, I'm not so sure), then why would he have been so interested initially if he felt that way? This competition is a gimme for Hodgson, most people don't see us getting out of the group. Then 'Arry lists what good, strong players we (England) have. If the players are good enough, why would the position be so difficult?

        I have no issue with his 'Arry's openness JL (I'm not sure if that comment is aimed at me), I wanted him to be more open and honest about his intentions before Hodgson's appointment, IMO he wasn't clear at that stage and left us (club, players, fans) in limbo, despite 'Arry saying the speculation had no affect, I don't agree, it must have, even subliminally- its the uncertainty. Its the not knowing, speculating and uncertainty of the situation that I feel was avoidable and slightly disrespectful to a group of fans who largely backed him and supported him publicy, whilst he was going through some horrible stuff.

        I like people with opinions and 'Arry is no exception, what grates a little is that you don't see Fergie, Mancini, Wenger all over sports news net works or doing punditry, I feel Harry should be concentrating on his job, managing our beloved club

        IMO, he doesn't qualify his position at all.

        He hopes he'll sit down with Levy at some point, that's about as clear as he gets.

        Come On Harry commit to us! or is he waiting for a call from the chavs?


    • "I just hope that if we do sell (and Krancjar has already gone), that we have players lined up to fill the void and that we don't sell at the last minute without any time then left to buy in."

      Levy being a renowned hard negotiator who always aim to get the maximum out of every deal, I'm afraid Luka Modric's much anticipated exit from the lane would most likely drag on until the last remaining seconds in the transfer window.

      Don't expect a replacement for Modders either before he's sold, Levy would know that getting a replacement before Modric is sold will send out the wrong message to the prospective buyers and weaken his hands in negotiation to sell his prized asset.

      I don't think Spurs would be able to replace Modric adequately this summer, as most clubs would also want top dollar for their players if they know that Spurs sold Modric way over his market valuation.