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  • John John Jun 13, 2012 22:09 Flag

    David Moyes

    ...might be on his way folks.

    I think Harry's done one and walked.

    You heard it here first.

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    • It will be interesting to see what the people here make of the Moyes 'interview' with Gary Lineker and parallel it with 'arry's link to the England job.
      He was asked about the Spurs job - http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/18473869

      Should Moyes have actually come out and said he didn't want the Spurs job?

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      • If I was an Everton fan I would not be happy with what Moyes said in that interview. He quite clearly left the door very wide open for an approach from Spurs and, if he was happy at Everton and was not looking for a move, he should and could have quite easily said so in that interview.

        He didn't and that means, no matter what happens now, if he stays at Everton the fans will know he is not totally committed to the club. Whether that has a detrimental effect on the team and effects their form, we will have to wait and see.

    • wtf happened there?

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      • looks like we werent the only 1s annoyed with harry being happy to settle for 4th & hopes other results go our way.
        levy was just as upset!

        after his gamble didnt pay off, he still says he would have settled for 4th all over again!

        then he refuses to commit to us & instead wants to be offered the england job. then when he doesnt get the england job, he asks levy to commit to harry!

        2 huge gambles. 1 by harry which didnt pay off.
        now 1 big gamble by levy by getting rid of harry who has done a lot for the club. moyes seems the most likely manager.

        mixed feelings from me. on the 1 hand i think harry has done a lot of good things for us.
        on the other, i find it hard to still have faith in him when he still insists that he would settle for 4th everytime & leave our fate in the hands of others. thats a really strange & dodgy way to do things.
        but my main reason for losing a bit of faith in harry, is his stubborness not to ever admit mistakes & the ability to learn from them.