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  • Berkshire Yid Berkshire Yid Jun 14, 2012 07:15 Flag

    Thanks For Everything Arry

    Well it has happened arry has gone

    I would like to thank Arry for everything he has done for us over past 4 years and i hope Levy brings in a new man quickly

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    • You've lost a guy with charisma and character by the bucketful, just the type of guy cut out for Spurs and London. Fast forward 12 months and I only hope whoever's sitting in his chair has cut the cloth or he's got skin like a Rhino. Can you really see someone like Moyes or Capello, frowning, at the helm of a club so much associated with entertainment and playing the game the way it should be played.
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    • Sfer Lol@Crossraods looks to me like Levy did an old yellow on Redknapp hahahaha

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      • well harry did a lot of good things & i personally would have given him 1 more season for what he has done for us.
        but levy could see that was keeping him for the 1 reason because deep down iv lost faith in him & would be pretty sure he would continue not to learn from his many mistakes.
        he has lost the plot & has a stubborness to never admit mistakes.

        harry still insists he would settle for 4th & leave it to others to do us a favour for CL!

        he still cant see it was wrong to settle for 4th!
        he still cant see he made a lot of mistakes.
        even games we're we played badly & didnt test their keeper, he still said we we're unlucky!

        the other factor is his lack of respect for the club. he doesnt commit to us because he wants the england job.
        fair enough, i understand that. but then he goes to the press and asks the club to commit to him! that is so cheeky!

        he has taken us as far as he can. lets be honest, he is good but no fergie,mourinho etc.

        the question is, can the new man take us higher or even as high as harry has done.

        as far the attractive football. bar 2 or 3 games, i didnt see any of that this year!

        levy has made a brave decision because the easy option would be to stick with harry. because u know u will always be at least top7 with him. but deep down u know he isnt good enough to take the club close to their maximum.

    • Good interview with 'arry on Sky a few minutes back. It would be good if Levy gave one as well, then maybe between the two responses you may get an idea of what the reasoning behind him going was.

      'arry seemed to think that it's not CL related, and just that the board wanted to move on. So presumably that means 'they' didn't think 'arry was the right manager to take us to the next rung on the ladder. As 'arry said, its their company, and their decision.

    • As others may of seen I was never comfortable with harry. When he took over, we were at the bottom but that was more to do with the unrest with Ramos, rather than not having the players to challenge for forth spot as we had been doing. When harry came in he did what he does best and that is giving players confidence and that got them back to where they were If you look at his career, its all about that, going to a club in trouble, getting in mainly the same players he's been with at some time or other and telling them how good they are, and it usually worked. Look when he came to us, the first thing he did was get Crouch, de-foe, kaboul Kranjcar, so surrounding himself with who he knows. but when your at a bigger club, surely you look for newer talent and someone who can improve the squad in terms of flair and quality. I bet if you gave him a chance he would have Lampard, Ferdinand J cole, and probably chuck in D james as well rather than risk players he doesnt know. Sure, at times we played some great football but that was based on the players being happy and confident which it seems harry gives, but as soon as we started to slip, harry couldnt do anything about it. he didnt seem to have a clue tactically and at the end of the day a manager needs to be able to make changes to suit the oppositions play... I think most of us could see it, and obviously Levy has seen it and I think its the right decision to let him go now, rather than keep him for what he's done up to now..we're where we are as we have been for the last 6-7 seasons so we need someone who can take us on, so anyone with tactical awareness and ambition would do me right now. of course its so important that the new manager still has Bale, hopefully Modric and is allowed a decent budget for new players then I think we can actually move on rather than hoping and chewing nails as soon as we lose a game. So I say thanks harry for feel good factor you gave to the club and most fan's and enjoy doing what you do best at a more suitable club for your talent.

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      • OK - the unrest with Ramos... Isn't that what a manager is all about? Ramos was a manager. He failed. 'arry was a manager, he had some measure of success over 4 seasons and a CL run. If it;s so easy to turn it around, why couldn't Ramos do it? I agree that the squad wasn't relegation material at that time, but whether they were or weren't, they were playing as if they were. Is that tactically adept - or was Ramos tactically inept as well? And what about all the managers at Spurs who never achieved what 'arry has? Were they all tactically superior to 'arry?

        Two fourths, and good CL run in 4 years and 'arry is tactically lacking? What does that say about the managers of the clubs that finished below us in the league, and who we beat in the CL?

        AND on top of that, 'arry (apart from Jol) was one of the only recent managers who had me believing that we could win against the likes of the Chavs, Utd, Woolwich, Pool and Citeh - and not just fluke a win, but win on merit.

        Oh, the vagaries of football....;-)!

      • True, I would also like to thank Harry for getting the team playing some of the best football anywhere in the world at times early last season.

        If he had continued he would still be manager and we wouldn't be writing these comments now.

        Not moaning, just stating facts.

    • If Moyes wants the job............Surely it will be his?

    • Good luck to 'arry in whatever he does next, and thanks for the effective, attractive football he got us playing.

      I just hope Levy knows what he's doing as presumably the whole 'arry 'coaching team' will also be vulnerable.