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  • Red_Till_Im_Dead Red_Till_Im_Dead Jun 14, 2012 12:03 Flag

    Did Harry take his eye off the ball?

    Hi was wondering if any of you think the England job rumours made Harry take his eye off the the ball, so to speak and if so did this maybe cost him his job.

    It's amazing that a few months ago the press had him not able to do wrong now he is out.

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    • I firmly believe he did,

      Many people, including Harry would have you believe that his very public flirtation with England (publicly saying its the job of his dreams counts as courting/flirting in my book) had no impact on our season and it was bad luck and coincidence that meant we went through a slump at exactly the same time.


      Harry became a walking contradiction:

      Prior to Hodgsons appointment, Harry stated that, players didn't care who the manager is and that they adopt a 'the king is dead, long live the king' mentality.

      Whilst Harry was trying to negotiate a new contract, he says that it's distracting and disruptive to players to have their manager in the final year of his contract as it generate's uncertainty amongst the players and around the club.

      You cannot have it both ways.

      In short YES, Harry took his eye off the ball and it cost us a top three finish and subsequently a CL place.

      He isn't entirely to blame, Levy and the players have to take some of that and he also did a huge amount of good whilst he was with us, but IMO in the end the negatives outweighed the positives and I don't think Levy had much of a choice.

      Hopefully our next manager won't treat the media like some sort of daily video blog, I got fed up with hearing his opinion on everything and everyone.


    • Alec Mcleish is front runner for the Spurs job I heard......