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  • Sfer Sfer Jun 19, 2012 13:12 Flag

    Des Kelly on Levy and 'arry

    Personally I don't have any doubt that when Arry made it clear he would accept the England job if it was offered plans were put in place to find a successor.

    This may have helped make the decision to let Arry go when he did not actually get offered the England job and if it did Arry has only himself to blame.

    It may be that Levy has/had a replacement in mind but for whatever reason it has A) fallen through (excessive salary demands!) or B) whoever it is cannot commit to signing the contract yet (Laurent Blanc!)

    If it is A then I hope they get it sorted ASAP to give the new man a chance in the transfer market and if its B then I would be reasonably happy if Blanc gets the job.