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  • Layla Layla Jun 21, 2012 11:33 Flag

    Des Kelly on Levy and 'arry

    100% agree sfer. i like the way u dont waffle on like a politican & avoid answering the question, unlike our "harry can do no wrong" poster john.

    harry wanted to leave us for the england job.
    he doesnt get the england job.
    he then goes to the media asking for spurs to commit to him!
    he then gets an agent to get him a pay rise & a 3yr contract extension.

    that was out of order, disrespectful & too cheeky!

    john will waffle on for pages defending harry for all of this, without actually having 1 good strong argument in his favour.
    such long weak cringing arguments too.

    john also changes his whole way of thinking to suit a defence of harrys!

    john, can u really not see how weak, poor, contradictory & pathetic your pro harry posts are?!

    john, u remind me of a hitler follower.
    no matter how many wrongs they commit, u still try to defend & justify it.
    swap hitler for harry!